A Way Out – Chapter 4: Vengeance

Vincent and Leo’s plan for revenge finally comes to fruition in A Way Out Chapter 4: Vengeance.

The thrilling adventure of A Way Out comes to a head in Chapter 4: Vengeance, as Vincent and Leo’s plan for revenge begins to truly come to fruition. The fourth chapter of A Way Out is the culmination of Vincent and Leo’s efforts to take down their nemesis, Harvey. In this chapter, the duo head to Mexico to unleash an assault on Harvey’s compound in the middle of the jungle. Follow our walkthrough below to see how the chaos unfolds in A Way Out.

Lift Off

The opening of Chapter 4: Revenge presents you with yet another decision to make between Vincent and Leo. You must choose to either land the plane safely or parachute your way down to the island.

Vincent’s route involves jumping from the plane to parachute to the island. If this is your choice, then you will move onto the Free Fall section below.

Opting for Leo’s way means that the two of you will land the plane instead. After landing the plane, Vincent and Leo will have to use machetes to chop away at vines and clear a path through the jungle to the next area. Doing so will lead you to the objective called The Trek.

Emily will need help prepping the plane. Before you can take off, you must take care of a few maintenance tasks: turn off the fuel flow, get Emily’s logbook, and open the hangar doors. Emily’s logbook is found on the folding table. Grab it and bring it to Emily in the plane. Follow the fuel lines back to the tanks to turn off the fuel flow from the base of the plane. Push open the front hangar doors when ready to complete this section.

Take however long you need to complete these tasks. You can even look around through the hangar if you like. If the two of you both you try your hands at the arcade machine at the back of the hangar, you will unlock the “Break From Reality” achievement/trophy in A Way Out.

Free Fall

Free Fall consists of a brief skydiving adventure where Vincent and Leo must soar down to the landing zone below. When Leo’s parachute starts acting up, be prepared to rush down as Vincent to come help him.

The Trek

Once you reach solid ground, The Trek will begin, and the two of you will have to hoof it through the jungle. Slash the vines and make your way towards Harvey’s compound.


Ambush is relatively straightforward. You can choose to either take down the guards using weapons or go for a less-violent approach by knocking each one out with a stealth takedown from behind. Note that if you opt for the former, you may have to deal with some extra reinforcements.

Covering Fire

Continue through Chapter 4: Vengeance by getting through the firefight and reaching the area where an active sniper is posted up. Hide behind cover to avoid getting sniped. Make your way to the building and look for a crawl space that allows you to reach the next section.

Note that the ladder will only allow one player to go up. The other player will end up falling to the ground. The player who made it up the ladder can take out the sniper and provide covering fire for their partner, hence the name of the mission.

Continue until the area is clear of enemies. Go down to the garage and open the rolling door. Follow the path until you reach a dumpster, then push it out of the way. The enemies in the next section haven’t noticed you yet, so use this to your advantage.

Fight through the hostiles and continue toward the front gate of the mansion. Go up the stairs and push a vehicle down the steps. This creates an opening leading to the mansion.

The Mansion

Before entering the mansion, look for a weapon stash. Here, you can exchange your weapon for a different one if you wish.

When you’re armed and ready, shoot the lock off the gate to enter the mansion grounds. When you go into the mansion, be prepared to fight off a pair of enemies who are blocking a door. Continue through the room, using pillars as cover. Toss the propane tank toward the door and shoot it to detonate an explosion. Use both Vincent and Leo to move the beam and make your way outside.

With most Harvey’s guards dead, it’s time for the main event. Enter the foyer for a very Scarface-inspired scene involving a barrage of attacks from Harvey’s grenade launcher. Clear out the hostiles, then sprint upstairs to get to Harvey.

At the end of the mansion section, you must decide on who will approach Harvey, as well as who picks up the gun. Choose to have Leo confront Harvey, and Vincent will pick up the gun. Likewise, if you choose to have Vincent confront Harvey, Leo picks up the gun.

After being confronted, Harvey will open the safe and hand over the diamond. As a last-ditch effort, Harvey will take one of you hostage. The person who is taken hostage must struggle to reach the glass case. When close enough, smash Harvey into the glass, and have your partner shoot Harvey. Afterward, the two of you are free to riddle Harvey with bullets to put an end to his reign.

Jungle Road

With Harvey gone, all you need to do now is flee. This last section of Chapter 4: Vengeance consists of a high-speed mission to escape the jungle. There’s no wrong way to leave the jungle. Just make sure you avoid running into trucks full of hostile mercenaries on your way out.

When one of you gets knocked off your bike, join your partner on the back of their bike and provide covering fire. Keep going at full speed until you get to the aircraft runway. Drive up beside the plane and have the person on the back jump onto the plane. The person driving will have to catch up and find their own way on.

Now that Vincent and Leo have exacted revenge on Harvey, your journey in A Way Out is almost finished. However, there’s still one more chapter to take care of. Continue on to Chapter 5: Conflict for A Way Out’s grand finale.

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