A Way Out – Chapter 3: Preparation

Help Leo and Vincent gear up to take revenge in Chapter 3 of A Way Out.

After the exciting pursuit in Chapter 2: Fugitives, Leo and Vincent must begin working on the next part of their revenge plot going forward in Chapter 3: Preparation. This chapter features a small family reunion, some more daring escapes, and even a brief torture scene. There’s plenty more heart-pumping action in the lengthy third chapter of A Way Out, so make sure you and your partner are prepared for what’s to come. Continue reading to find out how to guide Vincent and Leo through Chapter 3: Preparation.


A Way Out’s third chapter kicks off with a family reunion, where Leo goes to visit his son, Alex, and his wife, Linda. It’s been a while since Leo has seen his family, so Leo and Vincent will need to speak with neighbors to find out where Linda is living nowadays.

Speak to as many trailer park residents as you like. Ultimately, you’ll have to make your way to the mechanic near the end of the trailer park. Exit through the back door of the garage to find Alex nearby.

If you want to complete another easy achievement in A Way Out, hang out in the trailer park for a while and speak to the woman holding a baseball bat. Go over to the pair who are enjoying each other’s company, then return to the woman to unlock an achievement. Additionally, earning a high score while playing baseball and having Leo and Vincent sit on the swings together will unlock two more achievements/trophies.


Continue past the mechanic to the trailer to find Linda. If you’re Vincent, head over to help Linda fix the motorcycle. Fetch the wrench from inside the shed for Linda to unlock an achievement/trophy in A Way Out.

As Leo, you should go to the trailer to speak with Alex. However, when you do, he will flee out the window and dart up to his treehouse. As you approach the treehouse, Alex will lift the ladder. You can use the hammer to fix the sign.

After a cutscene, you have the option to shoot some hoops with Vincent, Leo, and Alex. Linda will eventually call Leo over to discuss finding Ray.

Hazardous Hunt

The Hazardous Hunt section in A Way Out presents another scenario where Vincent and Leo have two different ways of handling the situation. One method involves bluffing, while the other uses more forceful threats.

If you prefer bluffing your way through the situation, have Vincent tell the construction worker that you and Leo are there to inspect the construction site. Both of you will be given a pair of construction helmets and will be allowed to enter.

Leo’s method, on the other hand, involves threatening the construction worker instead. Leo reveals his plans for Ray, which ends up working to your advantage. The construction worker doesn’t like Ray either, so he lets you in.

At the construction site, make your way to the elevator on the other side. Ride the elevator a floor up to find Ray. This triggers a chase scene, where Vincent and Leo begin chasing after Ray. Be prepared to vault over obstacles and climb ladders.

When Vincent and Leo eventually lose sight of Ray, go through the door and cross the ledge. Ray tucked tail into a shipping container in the next room. Open the container, then cooperate to open the next double door.

At the crane, one of you needs to lower the bar down so that the other player can ride it upward. Sprint across the top of the cranes until you reach the rusted reddish-colored crane. Use the controls to turn the crane. Your partner will need to drop down and jump onto the container when it gets close to the edge.

Continue chasing Ray until the camera shifts to a more top-down perspective. The two of you need to split up to flank and close in on Ray, like how you did in the previous chapter, Chapter 2: Fugitives.

Violent Questioning

This section of A Way Out sees Vincent and Leo interrogating Ray for information on Harvey. You are free to interrogate Ray however you wish, so go ahead and get creative with some of the nearby tools.

Stick Up

Now that you’ve gotten the information you need out of Ray, it’s time to figure out a way to get cash so you can buy some firearms. The plan is to rob a gas station, and it’s up to you and your co-op partner to determine how to go about doing so.

Leo tends to take the more aggressive route, so following his approach involves keeping the handgun and simply barging into the gas station to begin the robbery. You’ll have to deal with a few frightened customers before threatening the clerk at the counter.

You’ll then need to locate the safe in the back room. Be prepared for a sneak attack. Return to the clerk to get the combination to the safe, then open the safe to steal what’s inside. Hurry back to the car for a quick getaway, as police will be on their way to the scene.

Vincent’s approach is much more civil, though everything plays out mostly the same. If you choose to do things Vincent’s way, then take the gun from Leo and enter the gas station. Speak with each of the customers to calmly have them leave. The customer near the front of the store won’t leave regardless of what you say, so don’t worry about them too much.

Once all the customers have gone, speak to the clerk behind the counter to begin the robbery. She’ll deny the safe at first, so send Leo back there to investigate. After being ambushed, go ahead and try to open the safe. Vincent will have to ask the clerk for the combo. Steal the goods from the safe and make a dash for the car.

Gun Runner

With cash in tow, it’s time to meet up with Leo’s weapon contact. In this section, you and your partner once again must decide on how to handle the situation. Vincent’s approach involves grabbing the gun and disassembling it to avoid confrontation. Leo’s method requires some smooth talking and negotiation.

While this section is relatively short, the weapon chosen here will carry over into Chapter 4: Vengeance, so make sure to choose carefully and consider your options. We recommend a good medium- to long-range rifle, such as the M16.

The Call

Vincent wants to make a quick phone call to his wife before continuing with the plan. He’ll need to ask the homeless person sitting outside the theater for spare change for the payphone. During this time, Leo can wander about to talk with various strangers nearby.

The Assassin

In this section, Vincent and Leo will be ambushed by an assassin. Run through the theater and make your way to the back room. Push the filing cabinet to block the door, then work together to push the boat to the other side. Boost your partner up to the yellow vent.

Use the lighting column as cover, sliding it alongside Vincent and Leo while sneaking along the upper scaffolding. The next set of lights are controlled by switch, so one of you must work the switch while the other moves forward. When the time comes, drop down onto the assassin and take him out.

A New Life

In A New Life, Vincent and Leo head to the hospital to speak with Carol and visit his newborn child. Visit the information board in the front lobby to determine where the maternity ward is, then make your way to the elevator.

Upon entering the elevator, a security guard will enter with you. You can choose to either smooth-talk your way out of the situation as Vincent or knock out the guard as Leo. The choice is yours.

Once you reach the maternity ward, talk to the receptionist to find Carol’s room. Leo will pass time in the hallway while Vincent visits Carol.

Against All Odds

In the final section of Chapter 3: Preparation, Vincent and Leo will have to make a mad dash out of the hospital after the police are called on them. This section will be a bit different than what you’re used to so far in A Way Out. Rather than split-screen, the perspective will swap between Leo and Vincent.

During the escape, both you and your partner must be prepared to take control of your respective characters each time the perspective switches between Vincent and Leo.

One of Leo’s main sections during this escape sees Leo running through the hall and entering a dark office. At this point, Leo will need to block a door using a cabinet, then wait for the cop to pass before continuing on. Once the coast is clear, go through and bust open the door across the hallway. Leap in to the elevator shaft, then slide down on the cable.

The perspective shifts back to Vincent, who must pass through an operating room to reach a back closet. Climb up the boxes and enter the yellow vent into the air ducts.

Now, back to Leo, who shifts to an Oldboy-inspired side-scrolling perspective. Kick, punch, and brawl your way through the series of guards as they come from the sides.

When Vincent comes through the vent, several cops will enter. Carefully escape through the window and sneak along the ledge. Your goal is to descend the ladder on the opposite side.

During Leo’s half of the events, he will take someone hostage and will have to walk backward toward the exit. He’ll reunite with Vincent, who will make his way to the waiting room. Sit in the waiting room chairs and play it cool until the cops leave, then go through the door to leap out the window.

When Leo is captured, it’s up to Vincent to rescue him. As Vincent, get in the car down the steps and speed down the ramp as fast as possible. As Leo, run down the steps as quickly as you can and hop into Vincent’s escape car.

Now that Chapter 3 has got your blood pumping, get ready for more excitement in A Way Out Chapter 4: Vengeance, where Vincent and Leo attempt to exact revenge on Harvey for his dirty deeds.

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