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A Free 5-Star Nihility Light Cone is Coming Soon in Honkai: Star Rail’s 1.3 Update

This passive will prove insane for us Nihility Mains

With Kafka’s release, Nihility characters have become so much more fun in Honkai: Star Rail. Combined with Sampo and Luka, Kafka has become a fun and exciting character to build when applying Damage over Time. With the 1.3 update coming up, there’s a new Five-Star Light Cone that’ll work with her perfectly. You won’t have to roll for this one, which makes it a great pickup for those willing to put in the time.

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Solitary Healing is a new Five-Star Light Cone that’ll be available in 1.3 at Herta’s Shop. This shop is a special store that is unlocked after the Trailblazer completes the first few missions for the Simulated Universe. As a reward for completing challenging levels in the Simulated Universe or completing a significant portion of the Point Rewards, Herta Bonds are given to the Trailblazer to use in Herta’s Shop. These items consist of Star Rail Passes for the Standard Banner, Five-Star Light Cones for Destruction, Preservation, Hunt, and Superimposed Material that can only be used on these Light Cones. 

With a rise in Nihility characters growing, players can expect to see a new Five-Star Light Cone join the shop as well as additional Superimpose Material to max it out. Solitary Healing is going to be an amazing Light Cone for Nihility Characters since it focuses primarily on increasing the damage for Damage over Time effects that are passed onto your enemies. Thus far, the Passive Ability Chaos Elixir goes as follows: Increases the wearer’s Break Effect by 20%. When the wearer unleashes their Ultimate, it increases DoT by the wearer by 24% for 2 turns. When the target suffering from the wearer’s DoT is defeated, the wearer regenerates 4 Energy. 

This Light Cone isn’t just great for Kafka, but Sampo, Luka, and upcoming Nihility Character Guinaifen, who we will see run in the second half of Update 1.4 Like the other Five-Star Light Cones that are available in Herta’s Shop, it’ll run you about 8 Herta Bonds in order to buy and then you can increase the stats by getting the Superimposer (Custom-Made) that sell at 2 Herta Bonds but buying Four will get you the maxed Light Cone. 

With the Light Cone only having just been revealed, it isn’t certain as to what stats will increase when it does become Superimposed, but if the Wearer’s Break Effect Increases as well as the Damage over Time damage then it’ll be a great Light Cone that you shouldn’t miss out on. Although it does cost Herta Bonds to get from the store, this is by far the best Light Cone to get from Herta, and as a Five-Star, it’ll have better Base Stats for your characters.

Solitary Healing (Nihility) will be available permanently in the Herta Store, so if you find that you are lacking a few Herta Bonds, then have no fear; you’ll be able to gain this impressive Light Cone in the future by completing a few more runs of the Simulated Universe. For more news and guides on Honkai: Star Rail, be sure to check out the game tag just below this article.

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