When 343 Industries took over the Halo franchise from Bungie, the reactions were mixed. While they continued on the tale of Master Chief beautifully at first, some fans felt that the series strayed further and further from the original vision with each release. With 343 hard at work on Halo Infinite with the promise to "do right" by fans, the studio is taking some time to reflect back on some of the missteps leading up to this point. 

Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill recently sat down with the team over at Wccftech to talk about some of the issues they faced throughout the franchise's history, particularly in respect to the Halo Master Chief Collection. It's been a rough road for 343, though not without its triumphs, but they are confident that they are fully in-tune with the community and are excited to reveal what's next with Infinite. 

"I think as a studio, you know, we've kind of gone through our own growing pains over the years," said Wolfkill to the site. "And I think we're all really energized with the things we're doing with the Master Chief Collection. And bringing that on the PC and sort of really moving into a more of a service model with how we deliver content and updates with MCC and really, for the first time, moving on to PC very deliberately. And then at the same time, with Infinite and the TV show, this idea of really shepherding in this new generation of Halo is really exciting for us. Like it just feels like we have all these really great pieces that we're incredibly excited about moving forward at the same time. So that's crazy. As developers and also just Halo fans, we are really excited about the next few years."

This echos previous statements made by the team during various livestreams over the past several months but it looks like all of the feedback leading up to this point has been taken to heart. With more RPG aspects, bringing back what many loved abotu Reach, and so much more pouring into Infinite's development, 343 is confident that the upcoming title will be exactly what fans hope for.