10 Favorite New Features in Madden NFL 17

Guide Author Dan Herrera shares his favorite new features to get you ready for Madden NFL 17!

The Madden NFL 17 season is upon us, and the latest installment of the franchise has added new modes and features to enhance the gameplay. Official guide author Dan Herrera shares his personal favorite new features!

Franchise Mode

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  • Play the Moment—Play more games this Madden season by playing the big moments in each game. This feature will shorten most games, especially if they are not close in score, but you will play the most important plays in each game and only those. So, even though every play counts, you get to put your skills to the test by ending a huge run by the other team’s CPU or making a big play that your team’s CPU has already set up.
  • Big Decisions—If you have ever wanted to be the coach or owner that was in the hot seat for big decisions, like whether you need a big trade or if you should risk sitting out your top QB because your backup had a huge win last week, then this season you’re in for a treat! Get ready to make or break your season by driving the big decisions.
  • Improved Dynamic Drive Goals—Wins show that your team is good and getting better, sure. However, smaller victories like getting the ball to your Rookie Wide Receiver on a big drive (giving him the confidence he needs to play with the big dogs) can make your team grow even faster. There are more ways to grow this year and this is only one of them.
  • Training and Game Planning—Get even more immersed into the game and your season by fully preparing for each week. You know who you’re playing next and you know what your team needs to work on; prepare and get both yourself and your players well-practiced on whatever the other team might throw at you.


Madden NFL 17 new features: presentation

  • Cameras Focused on You: You’re the one playing the game, you’re the one taking your team all the way, and you’re the star in Madden NFL 17. This year, there’s a whole new presentation and it’s all focused on you.
  • Innovating Beyond Broadcast—No more repetitive commentary that sometimes fits the situation and sometimes doesn’t. In Madden NFL 17, there’s a whole new take on commentary and how you experience the game. With more customized banter and conversations, you will feel like it’s NFL Sunday every time you boot up the game.
  • Sound and Crowd Reactions—To push the feeling of immersion even further, this year the crowd will cheer based on what’s happening on the field. If this doesn’t get your blood pumping when you’re making that big play, I’m not exactly sure what will. This is just another major improvement to the presentation in the game that pulls you deeper into the Madden NFL experience.


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  • New Ball Carrier Controls (New Risk/Reward)—One of the biggest changes in the game is the way you control the ball carrier. There are new controls and new ways to beat the defenders, learn them and dominate the field with the brand new risk/reward system.
  • Gap Play—Defense has never been more fun to play than it is in Madden NFL 17. Prepare for the brand new, smarter CPU, and far more tactical approach to playing defense against your opponent. The Gap Play is smoother and has a lot more to it now. This season, the best defense will have the best Gap Play.
  • Zone Coverage—The upgraded zone coverage creates even more strategy to playing the defense on both the rush as well as the pass. This is a big thing to think about when picking your players in all game modes.

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