Activision has unleashed a new trailer for its upcoming James Bond first-person shooter 007 Legends, one that will pit Daniel Craig's character against several vicious enemies from the history of film.  This time around, we get two of the franchise's more current films joining the line-up.

1989's Licence To Kill, which previously featured Timothy Dalton in the role, will pit players against a deadly drug lord while trying to overtake a series of trucks.  Carey Lowell, who appeared in the original film, is being brought back to voice her character, Pam Bouvier.

Meanwhile, 2003's Die Another Day puts Bond right in the middle of an icy utopia, battling a North Korean mastermind (in American make-up, natch) as he uses a powerful Icarus laser weapon to unleash havoc.  You'll battle Gustas Graves through the icy hotel before eventually confronting him on a plane.  Toby Stevens, who played the character in the film, will reprise the role for the game.

Along with those two, you'll also have missions from Skyfall (the new Bond movie), On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Moonraker.  That leaves one film yet to be revealed.  Here's hoping it's Octopussy, because we need to fight someone on a plane.

007 Legends arrives October 16, and we'll have a preview soon.  Check out the trailer here!