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5 Strongest Builds in Diablo 4 Season 4

The season of the Necromancer is here!

In Diablo 4’s Loot Reborn season, new builds come into play as there are buffs all around because of the new itemization system. However, some builds stand above the rest because of how easily they can clear the hardest content in the game. For a little foreshadowing, players easily dubbed Season 4 as the “Season of the Necromancer.” Here are the best builds to play in Diablo 4’s Season 4.

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Diablo 4 Season 4 – Minion Necromancer

A newcomer has arrived on the community’s list of S-tier builds. The minion Necromancer build provides an extremely sturdy character while having the ability to dodge during combat.

You let your minions do the work while applying Decripfy on the enemies and using Corpse Tendrils to pull all the enemies together. For stronger enemies, you use the Golem to clear enemies in one go.

You have enough crowd-control skills to permanently control the enemies and stagger bosses extremely fast. There’s a lot of variation with the build such as adding Bone Storm or buffing your Golems, turning it into a pseudo-Golemancer build.

Diablo 4 Season 4 – Infinimist Necromancer

The Infinitmist Necromancer build relies on increasing the uptime of your Blood Mist where you can use it almost all the time, hence the term “Infinimist.” While you are using Blood Mist, you are constantly damaging enemies while being immune to damage, which makes the build one of the bulkiest builds in the game.

Since you are using Blood Mist, you can quickly run through the map, making it one of the fastest-clearing builds. Your damage relies on any Darkness build, spamming Corpse Explosion.

You’ll have to manage your cooldowns and resources very well because the build craves several stats, such as Lucky Hit Chance and Cooldown Reduction (CDR).

Diablo 4 Season 4 – Lightning Storm Druid

Lightning Storm Druid is a fast-clearing build due to its high-damage potential and large AoE abilities. Before explaining the build further, you should know that the build needs several unique items to make it viable.

You can have temporary aspects and affixes to circumvent the other unique, like stacking more Spirit Per Second stats before getting the Tempest Roar unique.

Apart from the Tempest Roar, which is mainly used for better resource management, the build needs the Unsung Ascetic’s Wrap unique to double your damage through an additional lightning strike.

The build is extremely tanky because of your Fortify, and if you get your hands on a Wildheart Hunger, you will have more survivability because of the Damage Reduction affix on your boots slot.

Lightning Storm shines when you are clearing enemies that you haven’t even seen yet on your screen.

Diablo 4 Season 4 – Rapid Fire Rogue

The build is slow in clearing dungeons and weaker enemies compared to other builds, but it shines more on bosses and sturdier foes. Rapid Fire Rogues still excels when it comes to clearing high-tier nightmare dungeons and Pit because of how tanky the enemies are at this point of the game.

The build uses Dark Shroud as its main defensive tool as well as having Dash and Shadow Step for extra mobility and an additional layer of defense through dodging projectiles and attacks.

When it comes to bosses, Rapid Fire is able to stagger bosses quickly through imbuements and tempered crowd-control affixes through Lucky Hit stats.

Diablo 4 Season 4 – Frozen Orb Sorcerer

Like most Sorcerer builds, their main feature is speeding through dungeons using Teleport while having amazing survivability using Flame Shield and Ice Armor.

It does require you to have fast reflexes, but being such a flashy character, it is definitely worth it. The build uses Frozen Orb as its main skill to comfortably apply crowd control and Vulnerable to enemies constantly.

It is one of the best builds to stagger bosses because all your attacks will contribute to staggering the enemy. Frozen Orb is easily one of the easiest builds to create because you don’t need to rely on unique items to make it work.

After comfortably farming your aspects and gear, you are looking for constant upgrades through several unique, such as Tibault’s Will, Fractured Winterglass, Esu’s Heirloom, Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop, and Godslayer Crown.

Unlike the Lightning Storm Druid build, these unique items aren’t mandatory to your success, but it adds an endgame version that could smash bosses and high-tier dungeons.

While it isn’t as strong as other builds, the Frozen Orb Sorcerer shines in party play because of its ability to stagger enemies quickly and use Flame Shield to resurrect fallen allies safely.

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