PC Gaming Show 2024
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4 Amazing Games Unveiled at PC Gaming Show 2024

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PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Show 2024 featured dozens of incredible titles, all of which we’re looking forward to. But out of the many titles showcased, these are four games we’re particularly excited about.

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Stormgate Official Gameplay Trailer Revealed, Third Faction Unveiled

Stormgate is one of the world’s most anticipated free-to-play real-time strategy games and it’s launching pretty soon. The game comes out on July 31, 2024, and the developers, Frost Giant Studios, have already unveiled its next update, introducing an entirely new faction called Celestials. This new update trailer showcases a lot of exciting features players will get to enjoy on release and it’s such exhilarating news for real-time strategy fans.

Dead Cells Developer Introduces Newest Game, Windblown

The creators of Dead Cells are launching their next game, Windblown, and it’s a “super fast-paced action game” where players can embark on an adventure with their friends. Windblown is a three-person roguelike action title that features exhilarating boss fights, lightning-fast movement, and dynamic combat. It’s another game we’re looking forward to, but sadly, there aren’t any release dates yet.

Killing Floor 3 Gameplay Trailer Officially Revealed

The Killing Floor series has always been great fun, so it’s natural for us to feel so excited about the franchise’s next installment, Killing Floor 3, and its receiving an official gameplay trailer. After all, it has been eight years since Killing Floor 2 was released and we all know how much the community just wants to relish some more bloody awesome, mutant-killing gameplay. Killing Floor 3 is reportedly coming out in 2025.

Moonlighter and Mageseeker Developer Unveil Next Upcoming Title, Cataclismo

The makers of Moonlighter and Mageseeker are launching another title too. Cataclismo is an awesome real-time strategy game with building elements that are inspired by Legos and it looks visually stunning. The game is a mix of real-time strategy and tower defense and places players in a world of danger where they must defend humanity against swarms of monsters. Fortunately for fans, Cataclismo debuts on July 16, 2024.

And that’s that. There have been so many incredible announcements at the PC Gaming Show 2024, but these are just a few we’re thrilled about playing. We highly suggest checking out the entire list of games announced on the official PC Gaming Show website post via PC Gamer.

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