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Prima Game of the Week | Hitman 2

by Larryn Bell

Why You Should Play

  • Tons of options to allow you to complete missions in different ways.
  • New gameplay features help enhance your stealth capabilities.
  • Loads of interesting challenges and objectives to promote replayability.

Hitman 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to 2016’s Hitman reboot made by developer IO Interactive. With creativity and replayability at its core, Hitman 2 offers the stealth-driven sandbox experience that fans expect from the series, while introducing new gameplay mechanics to spice up each assassination attempt. In Hitman 2, players don the suit of the iconic Agent 47, a master assassin whose resourcefulness allows him to conquer even the most complex objectives.


Hitman 2 is all about creativity, efficiency, and replayability. The game rewards those who are creative with their assassination attempts and love experimenting with different approaches to each mission. Agent 47 has plenty of gadgets and tools at his disposal to get the job done, some of which can lead to surprising or unforeseen outcomes. Hitman 2 also introduces a number of new gameplay features that help add new layers of depth to each mission.

One new feature is the picture-in-picture display, which appears in the upper left corner to notify you of various details or activities happening in your surroundings. The Picture-in-Picture display will relay vital information about enemy movements based on how you’ve interacted with the environment. For example, the display will tell you whether the body of a guard you knocked out was discovered, or if someone has gone to investigate a distraction you’ve created. It’s a nifty feature that offers just the right amount of intel to help you plan out your approach.

Hitman 2 also allows Agent 47 to blend into his surroundings by ducking into crowds or crouching within foliage. You can even hide bodies in tall grass or bushes, which gives you more flexibility to stay concealed and carry out the task at hand. This is a stealth game, after all, so these types of gameplay mechanics seem like they should have been there all along.

The fan-favorite briefcase has returned as a valuable part of your spy arsenal in Hitman 2 as well. Not only is the briefcase a great way to smuggle in useful weapons and gear into each mission, it can also be used as a weapon that you can lob at unsuspecting targets, or as a distraction to help you control the movements of NPCs.

As you repeat missions to pull off new objectives or challenges for that flawless silent run, you’ll earn experience that goes toward your Mastery level. As you gain Masteries, new items, gear, and starting locations will become available, giving you new tools for tackling each mission. Hitman 2 offers plenty of replayability, so be prepared to sink dozens of hours into completing the plethora of challenges and objectives in the game.

Visuals and Performance

One of the areas where Hitman 2 really stands out is in the diverse and dynamic environments where each mission takes place. Players will visit six different locations in Hitman 2, each offering its own flair and flavor. From the race tracks of Miami to the crowded streets of Mumbai, there’s no place to ritzy or rough for the fierce cue ball headed assassin to accomplish his mission. There’s even a mission in the Vermont suburbs, which offers a nice change of scenery from the lavish structures you would typically skulk through.

Each environment features meticulous details and plenty of avenues to forge your own path, adding to the complexity of the sandbox you have to work within. There’s a lot to pay attention to in your surroundings when stalking a target, and the new lighting system helps to add more vibrancy and visual fidelity to each environment.

Game of the Week

Creativity is the lifeblood of the Hitman games, and Hitman 2 offers an engaging sandbox that will satisfy the most innovative players. Hitman 2 is ideal for achievement hunters and completionists who won’t leave any challenge unfinished. While the Bond-inspired narrative helps to give structure to the whole assassination theme, this really isn’t a game that you need to play for the story. If you love to flex your creative muscle and revel in a bit of trial-and-error, then Hitman 2 is the game for you, and that’s why we’ve chosen it as our Game of the Week.

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