Alrighty folks, check this out. Perfect World, publisher of the Torchlight series, has hooked us up with some cool stuff to celebrate the recent update. This update adds the Cursed Captain class, and I dunno about you all but when I think about ghost pirates, I think about Xbox controllers.

Check out the embedded Gleam widget here to submit entries, and we'll pick one winner for a custom, Torchlight III-branded Xbox One controller. We also have three codes for the game itself (Xbox One, natch), that we'll also toss out to additional winners.

GIVEAWAY: Custom Torchlight III Xbox One Controller and Game Codes

We'll be running this giveaway through E3 weekend, so make sure to get your entries in before thing get really busy this coming Monday. We won't be able to pay attention to anything but videogames, after all.

If you're picked, we'll reach out with either a code or a request for your address. Instead of selling it, we'll pass it along for the holders of the controllers for shipment.

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