Yesterday, Blizzard revealed their new Overwatch Workshop that allows players to build their own games and heroes for a more tailored experience. The Workshop really aims to inspire creativity and that's exactly what it has done with only being out for one day! 

Blizzard already gave players a "Floor is Lava" adaptation with their Molten mode and fans wasted no time when adding their own personal flavors into the hit FPS. Since the latest addition is so brand new and limited to PTR while in testing, there picks of which are the most enjoyable are still limited but growing fast! 

Are you a beast when it comes to deploying an emote at the right time? This creation is for you! Created by Ahrier, this mode plays like a normal game except when a player uses an emote mid-match, it actually kills everyone in the near vicinity. It's hilarious, it's brilliant - it's the ultimate way to troll: 

Joined a hilarious workshop gamemode, each time you emote it kills everyone around you from r/Overwatch

Another one of my personal favorites is the below Top-Down mode. This gives players a more dungeon-crawler feel, leaving the traditional first-person perspective in the dust. It's an interesting way to play, for sure, and gives a more retro feel to the game experience. You can see more of that in action below: 

I made a top-down version of Overwatch from r/Overwatch

There are quite a few more available in the Overwatch subreddit, proving that this Workshop was a genius idea by the studio over at Blizzard. Players have been asking for more content for quite some time now and though the team is great when it comes to regular events and different Arcade Modes, the Workshop seems to be the perfect way to scratch that new-content itch. 

Overwatch is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can learn more about the Workshop with our previous coverage here.