Read Prima's free inFAMOUS: Second Son walkthrough.

This mission begins as soon as the previous one ends. When you gain control, work your way through the D.U.P. agents that stand in your way. There's nothing new here, so get to the high ground and use your Video Torrent to thin their numbers.

The rest of the mission is much like The Fan from earlier in the campaign. Get to high ground, press Up on the directional pad and adjust until you get a full signal. Start heading in Hank's direction, stopping every few buildings to check the signal and get an update on his location.

As you're tracking Hank, a large explosion can be heard in the distance. Re-route to the objective now marked on your map. Once you arrive at a scene of destruction, prepare to defend yourself from the incoming D.U.P. ambush.

Just like many times before, get to the high ground. While some of the D.U.P. agents can follow you, this is a great way to even the odds by dividing their forces. Several of the large rock-like agents will be your primary concern, so keep moving, using your Laser Focus and Phosphor Beam to take them out.

When everything is clear, get to a high point and whip out your cell phone to track Hank again. As you eavesdrop on his conversation, your next objective pops up on the map. When you reach the top of the building, defeat the D.U.P. agents and helicopter.

Get back to the high ground and use your cell phone to track Hank again. You might pass through some D.U.P. controlled territory, but just ignore it and speed toward your objective. When you arrive, players will have to make a choice between Good Karma and Evil Karma. Because this play through focuses on Good Karma, we chose to Spare Hank and end the mission.