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The Zelda™ Box Set – A Closer Look at the Box Creation

by Prima Games Staff

In our continuing series highlighting the various elements included in the Zelda™ Box Set, today we take a look at the manufacturing and creations process for the Zelda treasure chest box.

The first step in the manufacturing process for the Zelda™ Box Set treasure chests begins with the blank underlying board material. The image below shows the lid to the chest.

The printed exterior wrap sheets are perfectly cut to size and ready to go onto the underlying boards.

Bring on the big machine! The case maker is a machine that marries together the board materials with the printed wrap sheets.  The machine uses suction cups to pick up each board.

The printed box set wraps pass through a glue roller to get a thin layer of hot glue applied to the back side of the sheet.

The sheets enter a part of the machine called “the spotter,” where the two pieces are perfectly aligned before being set together

Now that the printed sheet is attached to the board material, the piece is called a “case.” This case now enters the wrapper section of the machine which folds the edges of the longest sides first then folds the shorter sides.

When the machine has finished all four sides, it feeds them out a conveyor belt.

Next up, the metal strikes for the magnets for the lid closure are hand-applied.

Now that the exterior of the chest lid is printed, it’s time for the interior liner. Trimmed and prepared liner sheets are stacked into the feeder of the case-making machine.

The liners are applied the same way as the exterior printed sheets, with a thin layer of glue and “spotted” into place by the machine.

The bottom box is assembled in a very similar way to the lid, but in a separate boxing machine.

Here is a completed box as it comes out of the boxing machine.

Each printed, lined chest then gets a sturdy black ribbon adhered to the exterior case and hand-fed through a ribbon slot in the back liner of the box. This ribbon allows you to easily remove the first book from the chest without turning the chest upside-down or risking damage to the chest.

The magnets are hand-applied to the inside of the chest.

Now the lids and boxes are ready to come together. How does this happen? You guessed it, by hand.

Now that the box is completely assembled, it is inspected thoroughly to make sure it meets the high quality control standards of Prima Games.

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