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Xbox Series X Pre-Orders Weren’t A Total Disaster

by Jesse Vitelli

Today the new shiny black box from Microsoft went up for pre-order. After the nightmare that was the PlayStation 5 pre-order situation, things must have gone better for the Xbox Series X, right?

Well, for the most part, it wasn’t a total disaster. Retailers made their pre-orders available on time just like Microsoft said they would. Except for Amazon and Best Buy who seemed to sleep in later than the gamers did. 

I think a perfect way to encapsulate both pre-order scenarios is summed up by this Tweet from Dan Ryckert (Formerly of Giantbomb and Game Informer).

As you would expect the Microsoft store and Xbox official went down with the influx of people trying to order directly through the source. After the cancellation emails and non-confirmation given by other retailers during the PlayStation 5 incident, this makes sense.

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Gamestop was so worried about the increase in traffic they forced you into a virtual line to purchase an Xbox even if you were just there to buy something completely different. Sorry to anyone trying to buy a Funko Pop this morning.

At the time of writing this Amazon still hasn’t put up a link for the Xbox Series S. So like, not sure what that’s all about. Most people I’ve spoken with were able to get a preorder even if it wasn’t through the retailer of their choice.

If you did try and grab an Xbox Series X through Amazon and had trouble, at least you were treated to a wonderful assortment of dog images. Hopefully, that soothed some of the stress from the whole process.

It seems like gamers had a good day today and can rest easy knowing that a big beefy new box will show up sometime around November 10. If you happened to miss out on pre-orders don’t worry, things could be worse. You could have accidentally ordered an Xbox One X by mistake.

It’s not surprising that the Xbox Series X pre-orders were contentious, especially after the announcement yesterday that it purchased Bethesda. It’s been a big week for Xbox so far and it’s only Tuesday. 

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