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Will Battleborn be as Addictive as Borderlands?

by Prima Games Staff

Instead of working on Borderlands 3 (it’ll probably appear at some point), the team at Gearbox Software chose to create a new game for 2015, the fantasy-based Battleborn. This game is a mixture of first-person action and role-playing that is likely to attract a number of players, whether they explore on their own or with friends through online co-op.

That said, will it be just as addictive as Borderlands?  There are a few factors to consider that add weight to this argument.

Unique Classes and Characters

Similar to the Borderlands Vault Hunters, the characters in Battleborn will come with unique and creative abilities. For instance, Montana, a large mutated soldier with big muscles and a small skull, can use a gatling gun to mow down enemies, while also activating a time stopping ability that can slow them to a crawl.

Oscar Mike is another worthwhile character, with better accuracy with his assault rifle and plenty of firepower for secondary attacks – good when you’re surrounded by the supernatural enemies in the game 

These are just two examples of character diversity. The final game will have even more to offer, and we’ll break them down closer to Battleborn’s release.

Large Areas to Explore

While Battleborn won’t let you go Vault Hunting like in the Borderlands games, that doesn’t mean it’ll have a shortage of stuff to find. Using the power of Xbox One and PS4 (along with PC), the game will provide even larger stages than the previous Borderlands games, wide open with hidden items like weapons and secondary missions. Furthermore, you never know what enemies will be around the corner.

Fighting as a Team

Battleborn will have more of a MOBA strategy, where you battle against rival teams and other enemies in an effort to overtake most of the map. That said, the game should have the same level of co-op-based addiction as the Borderlands titles, as you work with your squad to effectively cover the area and overtake objectives, one by one.

Sure, you could play solo if that’s how you prefer, and get more practice with your character. However, Gearbox usually leans more towards doing stuff as a group effort, and Battleborn should benefit from this, as you pick your squad and set forth to conquer each world.

The Bigger They Are…

Don’t think you’re stuck battling smaller enemies in the world of Battleborn. There are a bunch of them everywhere you go, but there are also the bigger guys on who will no doubt put up a huge challenge along the lines of the enormous bosses you faced in the Borderlands games – sand worms be damned.

While they can be a real grind to get through (especially on your own), these bosses provide a formidable challenge that, once defeated, will reward you with new weapons and other bonuses.

Mutations are the New Perks

Finally, whereas the Borderlands provided a number of perks to level up your Vault Hunters, Battleborn will follow suit with its fair share of mutations. With these, players will see an immediate difference of how they’re applied to their character, introducing new abilities rather than just improving upon the ones you already have. This will open up binary choices where you can modify your style in certain ways to become a more effective combatant against rogue enemies.

In addition, you can pick and choose your weaponry and unlock new ones as you go, along with secondary items (like the red dot scope) and more. While it doesn’t quite work the same way as Borderlands, it does leave plenty of room for you to improve yourself – so it pays to go after larger foes. We can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Battleborn will launch for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC later this year.

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