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What are the Rarest Animal Crossing amiibo Cards?

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo released Series One of the Animal Crossing amiibo cards, and similar to the Super Smash Bros. figures we’re in deep. We already purchased too many card packs, but here’s the thing, unlike Zero Suit Samus, Olimar and Ganondorf, we can’t tell which amiibo are where.  Each pack contains six cards carefully hidden behind a foil wrapper inside of a stiff paper container.  With exactly 100 cards to collect, duplicates are inevitable. Speaking of duplicates, allow us to introduce exhibit A.  Cherry. Cherry all day.

To complete the set, you have three options. First, you continue buying card packs until (maybe) you find them all. Second, you visit r/amiiboSwap in the hope of trading cards with fellow amiibo collectors. Third, you head to eBay and pay a markup for the card(s) you want. That last one may sound horrible at first, but think about it this way. If the only card you need is Isabelle and someone currently has her on eBay for $10, you might as well fork over the dough, because you could spend $50 on random packs of cards and never see her. It all depends on how dedicated you are to owning Series One. 

Which Animal Crossing amiibo cards are the hardest to find? Ultimately this is a difficult question to answer because your experience may differ from ours. The rarest card may simply be the one you can’t find, but for all we know, someone three towns over can’t stop opening packs containing the card you need most. 

Based on our experience, we haven’t been able to find the following special cards: Tom Nook, Kapp’n and Redd. We originally thought DJ KK would be impossible to find, but now we have two. The same goes for Timmy. 

As for the regular villager cards, we’ve yet to find Clay, Kabuki, Nate and Walker, but we’re not sure if these cards are rare.  Conversely, the large numbers of Cherry, Mint, Limberg and Muffy suggest these cards are common.

For now, we don’t know how much longer we’ll collect the Animal Crossing amiibo cards, because the more we buy, the higher the odds we’ll eventually open a package containing six cards we already own, but we also want Tom Nook and Kabuki.

One more pack can’t hurt, right?

Do you collect Animal Crossing amiibo cards? Which cards do you want most? Let us know.

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