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What’s New In Madden NFL 16?

by Prima Games Staff

As you can see from our previous coverage on the game, Madden NFL 16 is a pretty big deal to football fans. We’ve already run down both offensive and defensive sides of the game, and have still just scratched the surface when it comes to our coverage on it.

Today, we’re taking a close look at some of the newer features in the game, and how players can utilize them to dominate on the field!

New QB Mechanics

We’ve covered this to greater extent in our strategic preview focusing on the offensive style of play, but being able to use body-relative throws, along with touch and roll out passes, will really open up opportunities when it comes to getting the ball down the field. Traditional throwing is still intact as well, but if you’re stuck on a rush and need to keep the ball in your possession, these are good options to have.

Risk/Reward Catch and Pass/Defend Systems

When it comes to being a receiver, some players feel that you simply need to be in the vicinity of the ball in order to bring it down successfully. That’s not always the case, though, especially if you have a defensive man breathing down your neck, ready to block or, worse yet, intercept the ball. With the new risk/reward catch system, you can press one of various buttons (covered in our strategic preview) to utilize different catch types, as well as keeping the ball secure enough so that you can bring it in and score on the big play. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to put six points on the board.

Expanding Your Playmaker Highlight Reel

We know football players like to show off, and Madden NFL 16 provides even more options to do so. With the debut of a new Playmaker Broadcast feature, players have the ability to put together their own highlight reel following a game, should they feel like pointing out a specific pass, or a nice sprint down the field into the end zone. There are also player spotlights, dynamic goals and achievements available, along with on-the-field cameras that capture every perspective, so you can find just the right angle when it comes to showing off your peak performance on the field. Lights, camera, football!

Expanding the GM Experience With Drafts and Fantasy Football

Of course, the Connected Franchise mode is back, giving players the best opportunities when it comes to managing their squad and trying to create a Super Bowl dynasty in the process. But there are some significant changes this time around, thanks to the inclusion of Fantasy Football-style elements that help you put together the ideal team, and then compete against others. In addition, Draft Night also plays a humongous part in the mode this time around, as you can use one of your selected coaches to pick up Draft Champions, and begin to piece together your ideal football squad. Granted, it’s not an easy process – sometimes you’ll just pick a dud, that’s the way the draft can work. However, you’ll get a better taste of what football is all about, and learn from your mistakes as you put together the ultimate team. Take that, Patriots!

More Ways To Get Ultimate Team Cards

Yes, Ultimate Team is back, and there are hundreds upon hundreds of new cards to add to your collection, including individual players and NFL legends. But with Madden NFL 16, there are new ways to add them, whether it’s through buying packs with coins in the online store, trading and auctioning to earn funds to get new cards, completing Solo Challenges to earn special cards, and taking on opponents in head-to-head Seasons. Your Madden deck will be so stacked, it’d topple over if they were real cards.

The Little Things

As expected, smaller tweaks will also be made to certain features in both the offensive and defensive side of the game, including player options and animations, such as being able to effectively perform a group tackle. On top of that, the other modes, and online options, will also show small improvements, providing the most out of your football game. We’ll cover these in the days ahead with more Madden articles, so be sure to stay tuned for those.

Now…who’s ready for some football? Madden NFL 16 arrives this Tuesday for consoles. While you’re waiting, get caught up with our First Look, as well as our five favorite teams for this year.

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