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What is FIFA World?

by Prima Games Staff

Although FIFA 14 is available on PC, EA Sports wants the annual football franchise in as many homes and offices as possible. Enter FIFA World, a free-to-play PC game that borrows popular features from last year’s smash hit. Here’s the best part. The FIFA World beta is ready for you to download and play. 

How do I play FIFA World? 

Short answer, click here to register and play the FIFA World beta.

Here are the FIFA World PC requirements: 

CPU with Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4GHz / Athlon II X4 600e @ 2.2GHz on Windows XP SP3 2GB / Windows Vista / Windows 7 4GB. 2 Gigabyte of RAM. DirectX 9.0c, Shader 3.0, GeForce 8800 GT / Radeon HD 3870. 3.96GB of free hard disk space (1.96GB initial download). Broadband Internet 1Mbit/s download, 256kbit/s upload. 

What are the controls in FIFA World? 

Similar to FIFA on mobile, the idea is to make the game accessible. You can play FIFA World using a more traditional controller or keyboard controls. To simplify things even further, FIFA World comes with presumably easy-to-learn mouse controls for casual players. That said, we don’t know if it’s fair for a person using these mouse controls to compete against someone using a console controller, or whether the game divides these people via matchmaking. 

What modes are available in FIFA World? 

To start, there’s FIFA World Ultimate Team, which lets you build your own club from the ground up and compete online and offline. A 24/7 transfer market gives you the opportunity to buy, sell and trade players. On top of that, you’re able to enter your team in single player tournaments to win trophies and rewards, with the latter boosting player performance. Then you’ll experience feature tournaments that challenge you to beat the world’s best. Do so, and you stand to earn valuable coins and packs. Can’t handle the pressure? You can always challenge friends for a more laid back experience. 

In addition, FIFA World also comes with League Mode. Here, you get to lead your favorite club to victory through Online Seasons while climbing the leaderboard.

How many players and teams are in FIFA World?

Right now, FIFA World has 16,000 players spread across more than 600 licensed clubs and 31 leagues. 

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What social features are in FIFA World?

The EAS FC Social Hub lets you capture and share all sorts of incredible (or downright silly) moments on the field, then immediately upload these clips to the FIFA World in-game social feed. 

What does FIFA World look like? 

While not as graphically intense as the Xbox One and PS4 versions of FIFA 14, EA Sports FIFA World shares more of a resemblance to the Xbox 360 and PS3 editions.  The Player Impact Engine allows for real-life reactions between players, while Pro Player Intelligence takes into account actual weaknesses and strengths, with teams reacting accordingly. You can also expect Precision Dribbling and Tactical Defending for enhanced tactics on the pitch. 

How this game will impact FIFA 15 remains to be seen, but for now, you’re about to take one giant step closer to enjoying FIFA from almost anywhere in the world.

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