We Made the Most Cursed Xbox Design Lab Controllers You’d Never Buy

It's almost spooky season, so take a look at these cursed controllers made by the Prima Teama!

With the release of a new batch of colors available to customize the controller of your dreams with on the Xbox Design Lab, we figured it was high time to start creating some cursed controllers here on Prima Games. We were tasked with making the most cursed controller, or just one that we viewed as straight-up ugly, and the team worked together to create these excellent options.

Madison Benson – Whoops, We Forgot The Paint Again / iController

It seems that Madison is going for the idea of “less is more” with her controller idea. However, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to hop onto Design Lab and get my hands on this one myself. While simple, it’s effective and looks striking, while still bringing that Silicon Valley vibe to the living room. What better way to play Resident Evil on your iPhone than with the new iController?

Meg Bethany Koepp – Cheeto Dust / Gamer Sweat

You know, there’s nothing worse than getting your hands full of sticky, icky Cheeto Dust, so why not get a controller that can mask the gunk? With the newly revealed Cheeto Dust variant, you can game the night away while not worrying about staining your controller in the process. And you know, sweats are ruining a lot of online games for players, so why not celebrate their demise with the Gamer Sweat Design Lab option? The lovely shade of brown will never need to worry about dirt and grime, as it’ll blend right in. Excuse me, I’m going to wash my hands now.

Priscilla Wells – Toddler Versus Design Lab

You know, something about this does scream “I let my Toddler design it”, but I think that Cilla is just blaming her Gamer Toddler here. While she does love to spend time with her kiddos, I think this one is a purely original creation. Bright, colorful, and all over the place, you can expect to catch some eyes if you pull up to the occasion rocking this variant of your favorite Xbox controller.

Matt Vatankhah – GaMeR TiMe

Oh yeah, you know we had to do it to ’em here. With the most horrifying color scheme of all time, accentuated beautifully with the camo exterior, Matt understood the assignment. Sure, there may be someone out there who would buy this particular controller, but I know that it wouldn’t be me. Okay, I’m lying, I would still probably buy this one.

Shaun Cichacki – The Wildberry Poptart

Maybe it’s nostalgia. Maybe I need to take a lunch break or something, but as soon as I saw the base color available, I figured I needed to take a chance and recreate a favorite childhood snack. The Wildberry Poptart takes advantage of the new Color Shift shells, and also just brings a general vibe of the 90s to the newest generation of consoles.


You know, Jason here said he uploaded a picture of a controller, but I’m not seeing anything. He also kept waving his hand in front of his face saying “U CAN’T SEE ME”, and I don’t understand why. I guess I had to include this one here, even if it is just a blank picture.

The real question is: would you buy any of these controllers? I find myself personally gravitating toward Gamer Sweat, while it’s the worst name possible, it just looks surprisingly slick. With all of the available color options, it’s hard to make a controller that looks like absolute garbage (unless you’re Matt, kudos), so take the challenge on yourself and make something that can out-horrify these controllers.

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