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There’s no question that Watch Dogs is primarily a single player title. With that in mind, Online Invasions do make for some short, tension filled action that pits human-vs human. Whether you’re the one being hacked, or the victim of an unwanted intrusion, we’ve got plenty of strategies that can stack the odds in your favor.

While we’ve been hard at work developing our own best practices, there are many skilled players that are lurking in the virtual shadows of Chicago. One such player, known as GamingWithMack, has created a fantastic video tutorial with some advanced tips that you can find embedded at the conclusion of this article. However, before you check that out, you might want to take a moment to see some ideas that we’ve come up with as well.

Hiding in Cars

If you take a look around YouTube, you’ll find plenty of tips that tell you to hide in your car when you’re all up in someone’s single player campaign. The problem is that non-playable characters don’t do this, so you’re likely to stand out like a sore thumb if you try it. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not even suggesting it would be wise to sit upright in your car. In fact, get out of your car and find somewhere to hide. Should your victim turn into the predator by discovering you, that would be the time to acquire some wheels to make your getaway.

When in Rome

If you’ve spent much time at all discovering Chicago in your single player campaign, you’ll have a pretty good idea of how non-playable characters behave. For the most part, they don’t sprint, hide, or jump on top of random objects. While it’s obviously not a good idea to be out in the open when you’re hacking someone, even if you are trying to blend in, it’s an even worse idea if you’re vaulting fences and climbing on top of awnings. Should you find yourself hiding in plain sight, try to bunch up with some of Chicago’s citizens. Just don’t get too close, there are more than a few weirdoes out there.

No Motorcycles Allowed

This tip comes straight from GamingWithMack, who brought up an excellent point that he has yet to see an NPC riding a motorcycle in the Watch Dogs campaign. With that in mind, whether you’re the one who is invading, or the one being invaded, stay off the bikes. If you’re being hacked and see someone rolling by on two wheels, shoot them in the face. Should you be the one who is doing the invading, and you happen to be riding a motorcycle… Well, don’t say you weren’t warned.

Retreating Rope-a-Dope

Here’s another tip from Online Invasion pro, GamingWithMack. Should you receive a notice that you’re being invaded, immediately jump in a vehicle and take off. Doing so will force your adversary to pursue you. Once you’re a decent distance away, stop and get out of your vehicle, looking back in the direction you came from. When you see a car speeding after you (a clear indication it isn’t an NPC) open fire and send your unwanted foe back to their single player experience.

No Camping Allowed

The title of this tip might be a little bit deceiving since camping in a good spot is actually very effective. Still, moving around isn’t a bad option either, as long as you don’t get caught out in the open. If you’re hiding and happen to see your opponent searching for you, wait for them to turn their back, then make your way to the area they just scoured. The idea here (more of a hope), is that they won’t return to the area that they’ve already visited, allowing you to finish installing the backdoor while enjoying a little bit of rest and relaxation.

For a few additional tips about Online Invasions, as well as just seeing a couple of the above mentioned strategies in action, check out GamingWithMack’s video below. If you like what you see, be sure to give him a like and maybe even subscribe.

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