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Watch Dogs – Exclusive Contract – Delete – How to Escape the Fixers

by Prima Games Staff

Going at things somewhat backwards from CTRL and ALT, the previous exclusive missions that we took you through, this one starts off with the police surrounding you. We hopped in our car and just smashed through the roadblocks, heading straight for the first train station we could find. Hop on the train, hacking it to keep it moving should it stop at any stations along the line. Once you lose the cops, get off the train and set a waypoint for the target.

Now that you know where the target is going (your GPS route will update in real-time as he moves), grab a vehicle and head that way. You can either follow him, retrieving the data as long as you stay within 35 meters, or just take him down and steal the data in one fell swoop. We opted to kill him, hacking a Steam Pipe and blowing him up inside his vehicle.

If you aren’t able to kill him, stay on his tail until you’ve retrieved 100 percent of the data. The problem is that at about 40 percent, more Fixers will come after you. Focus primarily on the data, hacking any of the roadway vulnerabilities to slow your pursuers. If you lose them, great, get the data, then eliminate the target just as you did in the previous two missions.

Of course, if you managed to lose the Fixers while retrieving the data and kill the bad guy, a whole new batch will come after you. The best way to lose these guys is by heading straight for the nearest station and hopping aboard one of the trains. The Fixers, unlike the police, shouldn’t have a helicopter, making your getaway that much easier.

Once you’re free and clear of the final wave of Fixers, think about riding the train to a station that is close to your destination. Either that, or jump off, grab a vehicle and make the drive yourself. Once you arrive, you’ll have one more creepy conversation with the DEDSEC guy, then collect your hazard pay in the amount of $4,000. Hardly seems worth it when you consider that some citizens dole out more then that when you hack their bank accounts.

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