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Watch Dogs – Exclusive Contract – ALT – Evade the ctOS Scan

by Prima Games Staff

This mission is a lot like the first exclusive mission we posted, CTRL. The major difference is that you get to chase the target and steal the data right from the beginning. For this, we made sure we had a fast car ready and waiting after our conversation with creepy DEDSEC guy.

Your target should be within 400 meters of you, so set a waypoint and head in that direction. Keep in mind, the waypoint will update as the target moves. Once you’re within 35 meters you’ll begin to retrieve the data. As long as you stay within that range the transfer will continue. Of course, this is made difficult by the target running away from you. A fast car is hugely beneficial here, allowing you to easily keep pace with your objective.

Tip: You can just kill the target and steal the data. You don’t have to chase him all around the city if you can come up with a more efficient approach.

Follow the target and continue to retrieve the data. Around the 40 percent mark, a few Fixers will make their way toward you. Just keep following the bad guy. He likes to drive like a maniac, a tactic that will make losing your tail somewhat easier. In fact, we lost the pursuing Fixers just by staying on this guy’s tail..

Once you have the data, your objective changes, tasking you with eliminating the target. Use whatever road side hacks you can to stop this guy’s car, then when he gets out, put a half dozen bullets in him for good measure.

This, of course, upsets another gang of Fixers. As luck would have it, we were on the train tracks so we just followed them until we lost the tail. It should go without saying, however, that you want to be very sure you don’t play chicken with the fine folks traveling on Chicago’s public transit system.

Head back to the upload location with the stolen data that DEDSEC wanted. For some strange reason, as soon as it’s delivered you’re smack dab in the middle of a ctOS scan. Get out of there as fast as you can. If you manage to evade the scans, great, you’re a better player than us. If not, hack and hop on a train and make your getaway.

Tip: If the train stops and won’t start moving again, go all the way to the front and see if there’s a raised bridge in your way. If there is, hack it to lower it and you should be back on track. No pun intended.

Once you’ve finally evaded Chicago’s finest, the mission is over and you’re $8,000 richer.

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