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Watch Dogs – All 8 Burner Phone Locations, Unlock the Sanity Check Trophy

by Prima Games Staff

Although there’s plenty to do in Watch Dogs, so far it doesn’t seem too overwhelming. Recently, we showed you how to Locate and Hack All 13 ctOS Towers in the game. Today, we’re going to show you where to find all 8 Burner Phones lying around by Maurice. These collectibles will help Aiden Pearce make sense of a family tragedy, and maybe even decide what to do with Maurice down the road.

Before You Begin

Burner Phone locations will be marked on your map so long as you cleared the ctOS System and the ctOS Towers in the area. For that reason, we highly recommend you read our guide on how to do that. Still, if you’re here for the phones and nothing more, they will be there right from the start of the game.

It would appear that the audio files found on each phone will play in a pre-determined order, meaning no matter what order you pick up the phones, Maurice’s story should unravel in the same way. While we numbered the phones from one to eight, you can snag them in any order you wish. No point in driving across Chicago if there’s one right next door.

Burner Phone #1

It simply doesn’t get any easier than this. The first phone you find is actually part of the story, and given to you in the opening mission, Bottom of the Eighth. One down, seven to go.

Burner Phone #2

Located in the Pawnee district to the north, this phone is found on the roof of the motel, behind the last letter. Climb up the yellow ladder to the left when facing the building, then walk across the roof to reach the phone.

Burner Phone #3

Also found in the Pawnee district, this one is in the trailer park, near the back on the left hand side when you are driving into the area. You’ll see a blue junk car nearby. Climb onto the roof and find the phone.

Burner Phone #4

This is the last one for the Pawnee district. Find it in the shed behind a restaurant claiming to have the fattest hot fish sandwich. Yum… sounds disgusting. Go through the gate to the left of the building as you face it from the road. The shed is back and to your left, and the phone is inside on a tool chest.

Burner Phone #5

This Burner Phone is found in The Loop district, tucked under a freeway in a makeshift tent city for the homeless. You will find it behind a fence, lying on someone’s bed in their shelter made of boxes.

Burner Phone #6

The only phone found in The Wards, this one is in the ghetto. It’s in a courtyard between several dirty looking apartment buildings, hidden on the third floor of a burned out abandoned structure.

Burner Phone #7

Found in the Brandon Docks district of the map, this one is in an industrial building. You need to hack a large gate to access to the building, then go up the stairs to your left and turn right. You’ll find the phone sitting on a mattress in the corner, not far from a burning barrel.

Burner Phone #8

The final phone can also be found in the Brandon Docks. This is another industrial building, but when you enter, go up the stairs to your right. When you reach the top, you’ll find the phone sitting on a desk.

If the above maps aren’t helpful enough to find the phones, click the video below to see exactly where each one is, as well as listen to the audio it contains. When you’ve got all eight, you’ll unlock the Sanity Check trophy or achievement.