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Warzone Wednesday Week 5 Will See Dr DisRespect and Ninja Team Up

by Nicholas Barth

Keempark’s Warzone Wednesday has become one of the most popular shows on Twitch through its first four weeks of action. Over 100,000 concurrent viewers have tuned into the adrenaline-fueled every week to see which of the competing gaming stars would be able to be the last one’s standings and secure a Warzone Wednesday championship. The high-profile tournament is making a return on April 22nd and will see a plethora of stars come together once again to see who will be the victors when the dust settles. 

All of the action will begin at 4 pm ET on April 22nd. Viewers will be able to watch every second of the adrenaline-fueled action on Keempark.com or Keemstar’s Twitch channel.

Week 5 will see a field of competitors that include the blockbuster duo of Dr Disrespect and Ninja with a treasure trove of other celebrities that include the likes of NickMercs, Nadeshot, HusKerrs, Deigosaurs, and Symfuhhy. Deigosaurs and HusKerrs will be looking to add another Warzone Wednesday championship to their multiple ones that they have already secured, while NickMercs and Ninja will be looking to add to their first ones. All of the competing teams for Week 5 of Warzone Wednesday can be found here.

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This week will see another group of amateur players have the opportunity to show off their skills against some of the biggest names in gaming to secure a slice of the $20,000 prize. Are you interested in having the chance to play in future Warzone Wednesday tournaments? Check out the details below on how you can enter for a chance to play in next week’s event.

  • Applications open now
  • You can apply to play by:

    • Visiting KeemPark.com

    • Click the Warzone Wednesday Apply Banner

    • Fill in the form

    • Hit Submit

  • Three spots will be available each week, and the selected three players will be placed on the same team.

  • Applications will close Tuesday at 12 pm EST every week

Chosen combatants will be selected and notified Tuesday evening by 8 pm EST


Similar to New York’s iconic Rucker Park, the hallowed ground in New York City where NBA legends are made, KeemPark aims to offer a space where esports and streaming stars are born, championships are won, and where the top creators and streamers can play for honor, entertainment, and a $20,000 prize pool.

In addition to showcasing weekly star-studded tournaments, KeemPark will feature matches for loyal viewers to compete for honor and the opportunity to showcase their skills during one of the main events. KeemPark will also launch its first brick and mortar KeemPark in Keemstar’s hometown of Buffalo, New York, which will further solidify KeemPark as a place for creators and fans to take their creativity and gameplay to higher levels.

Which of the competing teams do you think will be at the top of the standings when Week 5 of Warzone Wednesday concludes on April 22nd? Let us know over on Twitter and Facebook

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