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Wait… Jedi Survivor has Human Dismemberment?

We're going to need more than the bacta tank.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Cal Kestis and Luke

After Disney took control of the Star Wars name, there was a major change to one of the core aspects of the franchise, and I’m not talking about throwing a cohesive mainline trilogy out the window. No, I’m talking about the use of human dismemberment within the series, but that may not apply to Jedi Survivor.

For those who played Jedi Fallen Order, you may remember that you could chop parts off the droids you face or even many of the creatures that attacked you on each planet. Stormtroopers were seemingly safe from losing an arm despite the mechanics existing in the game. Cal Kestis has five extra years of reality under his belt this time though, and based on some of the trailer footage, we could be seeing some good old-fashioned Star Wars dismemberment in the upcoming sequel.

Dismemberment in Jedi Survivor is a Return to Roots in Star Wars

Losing a limb in Star Wars is almost a rite of passage for plenty of characters within the franchise. It wasn’t until Disney took over that dismemberment seemed to get pushed away. However, even that fact is starting to change. The latest Disney Plus Star Wars shows haven’t held back from some body parts getting disconnected by scalding hot lasers, whether it’s on a gate or on a saber.

As Disney makes up for lost time with an uptick in Star Wars television quality, they also appear to be far more relaxed in some violence as well. Extended gameplay footage of Cal with a double-bladed lightsaber shows him facing off against some stormtroopers. By the end of the clip, at least one of them loses an arm after a flurry of slashes from the young Jedi. In other screenshots, some legs appear to have gone flying as well.

Stormtroopers in Jedi Survivor can finally join the long list of legends who lose their limbs in Star Wars. This is a trend that goes back to the beginning of the franchise when Luke Skywalker was our main hero. Luke Skywalker? Loses his hand against Darth Vader. Anakin Skywalker? Lost his hand in Attack of the Clones, then the rest of his limbs to Obi-Wan Kenobi in Revenge of the Sith. Darth Maul? Cut in half by Obi-Wan. Mace Windu also loses a hand to Anakin Skywalker! I guess it was called for after Windu even removed Jango Fett’s head. The list goes on.

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The point is, dismemberment in Jedi Survivor is the cherry on top of what has already proven to be a pretty faithful Star Wars creation starting with Fallen Order. Sure, blasters and a crossguard making their way to the game are pretty cool too, but it’s all about the style and the flair in which Cal uses his lightsaber that brings it all together in the end. Good thing the sabers cauterize the wounds, otherwise, the new style options might get ruined along the way.

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