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Unity Showcases AR at Unite Berlin

by Prima Games Staff

Unite Berlin is taking place this week, and Unity Technologies is offering hands-on demo workshops, an early look at Unity technology, technical sessions that are customized for a variety of levels, and even a Made with Unity showcase for extra punch. One of the main focuses is augmented reality (AR), which is starting to pick up steam within the gaming industry. The goal here is for Unity to become a leader in AR using its new engine.

One of the big aspects of the MARS (Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio) toolset is that it allows for a new Facial AR Remote Component. Using MARS, it’s much faster and easier to animate, capture, and finish up your shots. All of this saves plenty of development time, which translates into saving costs as well.

You can also take a look at Unity’s MARS Face Capture toolset. This new toolset contains a simulation view so you can be more creative with masks on the fly while staying within the editor. More information can be found on the Unity Labs page.

Showing off GTFO, 10 Chambers went on stage to give people a look at another game made with Unity. For those unfamiliar, GTFO is a co-op first-person shooter title that was loosely inspired by the atmosphere and feel of the Aliens films.

Finally, while a number of people find Unity is best for smaller-scale indie projects, the engine is capable of powering high-fidelity gaming as well. Unity Technologies provided a detailed look at Book of the Dead during Unite Berlin. This new first-person interactive demo showcases what Unity 2018 can do when powering high-end gaming visuals.

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