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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End E3 2015 Demo – High Speed Chase

by Bryan Dawson

Last year Sony showed off Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End at its pre-E3 press briefing. This year the company offered another look at the highly anticipated title as the press conference concluded. Fans watching got a look at one of the more hectic portions of the game, as well as a rough release date of 2016. Given the fact that we didn’t get anything more specific, it’s unlikely we’ll see the game early in the year, but a summer release is still possible.

The demo started off in a marketplace that could have easily been a scene from Assassin’s Creed if it weren’t so bright and cheerful. Nathan Drake weaved his way through a crowd of people hoping not to be spotted. At first glance this seemed like a pretty tame scenario. Drake and his companion were quickly ambushed and all hell broke loose in the marketplace.

Cover is an important part of Uncharted 4, just like it has been in previous installments. You can’t simply hide behind any object and expect to be safe from enemy fire. The object you’re hiding behind plays an important role in your safety. Duck for cover behind a wooden crate and chances are enemy gunfire will shred right through it, destroying your cover and damaging Drake in the process. You need to find more secure places to take cover and that’s exactly what happened in the demo.

As the firefight continued, a heavily armed vehicle became the most significant threat. As Drake and his friend jumped into a jeep so began a frantic chase through the narrow streets of the city. This is a sequence that you may need to play through multiple times. Knowing which way to turn and getting the timing down for each turn will be very important. Make one wrong turn and the enemy vehicle will light up your jeep.

It was a strenuous chase through the streets, and every time it seemed as though Drake had lost the enemy vehicle, it would pop back up. Once it was finally gone the next task was to follow your target that was being pursued by the same group Drake just escaped from. This chase was almost as tricky as the previous sequence. The target is on an overpass while Drake is down below having to navigate another maze of streets and non-streets, while still keeping an eye on the target so he can stay with him.

When Drake finally runs out of road he has to make a daring jump to an overhanging crane chasing down his target. The demo comes to an end after Drake crashes into a few more objects, but it wasn’t the end of the chase by any means. At the very least it’s clear that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will take challenge a lot of gamers, even those familiar with the series.

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