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Story-Driven Games Holiday Gift Guide

by Liana Ruppert

I know, I know – how is it already gift-fiving season? Well, the holiday season is right around the corner and with Black Friday sales coming earlier and earlier every year, it seems like the sooner the better is the way to go when getting those gift requests checked off early. For those looking to buy the perfect game for story-driven gamers out there, or to buy for yourself (no shame), here are some of the best story-driven games to add to that holiday checklist. 

Story-Driven Holiday Gift Guide 

The Outer Worlds 

The Outer Worlds just recently launched from Obsidian Entertainment and is pretty much Fallout Mass Vegas Effect. Translation? It’s awesome. Even better is the replayability is super high due to all of the different character paths open to players. But it’s not just about making those hard choices in a post-apocalyptic world, The Outer Worlds offers not only characters that are memorable, but a story as well.

With hilarious dialogue and NPCs that can be cherished forever, The Outer Worlds is the perfect game for anyone looking for a solid story to get lost in. 

Life is Strange 2 

Life is Strange 2 makes a dramatic departure from the first game. The story follows sixteen-year-old Sean as he is suddenly thrust into the role of sole provider for his younger brother Daniel following a tragic accident. In a time where family is everything, the pair must make their way to Mexico safely in their father’s hometown. 

It wouldn’t be a Life is Strange game if there weren’t some tough choices and tear-jerker moments. Though we’ve said farewell to Chloe and Max, the bond between these two brothers is undeniable, making it the perfect gift idea for a beloved sibling. 


Greedfall is a game that has been likened to BioWare back in their Dragon Age glory days. This action RPG is set in the 17th century with a story that sticks with you and romance options that you can’t help but to woo. Though the graphics may seem a little dated, the combat is thrilling and the characters are unshakable. 

This game is a juicy RPG that any story-lover will enjoy and yet another game with high replay value. 

Code Vein

Called the Dark Souls of anime games, this particular title is the perfect gift for both gamers and anime fans alike. It’s hard, but rewarding, and the character customization is unreal. Players will find themselves in the role of a vampire and fighting for survival against a powerful foe. Fight the enemy, fight your nature, either way this gift promises bite. 

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice 

Sekiro is another one of those single-player adventures that’s hard. Really hard. But it’s incredibly rewarding with its fluid combat and breathtaking narrative. Players become the “one-armed wolf” that is targeted by many powerful foes. Set in fuedal Japan, this chaotic time period was rife with blood and sacrifice and that’s exactly what players will get with Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. 

Sekiro is perfect for those that love a challenge but love a good historic journey as well. 

There are so many amazing adventures to choose from and we’ll be rolling out even more guides as the holiday season looms closer. Had a chance to check out any of these adventures yourself? Sound off with your thoughts about our picks over on Twitter @PrimaGames

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