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Top 50 Greatest Fighting Moves in Video Game History – 40-31

by Prima Games Staff

Check out Prima’s list of the Top 50 Greatest Fighting Game Moves of All Time!

Yesterday, we kicked off our countdown of the top 50 greatest fighting moves in video game history. This was a tough feature to create, since different fighting games over the years have introduced some terrific maneuvers, ranging from Zangief’s spinning pile driver to Johnny Cage’s crotch punch. Someone had to do it, though, and we’re continuing the countdown with moves 40 through 31! 

40.) Kyo’s Orochinagi (King of Fighters)

If there’s one powerful blast that’s really hard to survive – even with blocking – it’s Kyo’s Orochinagi. Once unleashed, this super attack lets loose with a full-fledged blast of fire that bursts across the screen. Throw that in with a variety of combo moves – including another Orochinagi if you’re good enough – and you’ll really have something to watch. 

39.) Dan’s Chouhatsu Densetsu (Street Fighter)

Although Dan may not be as powerful as Ken or Ryu, his Chouhatsu Densetsu taunt is something that must be seen to be believed. By executing this super move, players will initiate a gutsy triple roll, followed by a final pose to rub a victory in an opponent’s face. Word of caution: make sure you’re not executing this move against a nasty rival, because otherwise they’ll torch you. 

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38.) Felicia’s Rolling Buckler (Darkstalkers)


It’s not every day you transform a rolling ground move into a dashing uppercut…unless you’re Felicia. By launching this move, this warrior can lead in with a quick roll, then immediately transfer to an uppercut for additional hits. We dare not call her a crazy cat lady again. 

37.) Shang Tsung’s “Soul Suck” (Mortal Kombat 2)

Shang Tsung’s main fatality is easily one of the best in the Mortal Kombat sequel. He’ll grab his opponent and without even batting an eye, suck the soul right out of them, leaving a lifeless, limp corpse. 

36.) Ukyo’s Tsubame Gaeshi (Samurai Shodown) 

Ukyo may not have the greatest health, but he can still kick butt. His trademark move is easily his best, a fiery air slash that can devastate opponents in the air or on the ground. Better still, you can execute this move in falling, rising, back dashing and an unblockable instant variation, where you barely leave the ground. 

35.) Kitana’s Kiss of Death Fatality (Mortal Kombat 2) 

There are some really nasty fatalities in Mortal Kombat 2, but one of our favorites comes from Kitana. After defeating her opponent, Kitana gives them a big smack, but it comes with a price – it inflates them to the point that they explode all over the screen. 

34.) Meta Knight’s Mach Tornado (Super Smash Bros.)

One of Meta Knight’s signature moves is easily one of his best, as he generates a temporary tornado around his body, hitting any opponent he’s near multiple times to do some real damage. This move is great to execute on the ground, and if you’re good enough, you might even be able to knock a foe off a nearby platform.

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33.) Spider-Man’s Web Throw (Marvel vs. Capcom) 

One of the better throwing moves you’ll see in a fighting game, Spider-Man’s web attack is really special. He’ll grab an opponent and fling them around using his webbing, only to hurl them across the room for even more damage. If you’re experienced enough, you can get a couple of quick hits on an adversary before going into the web throw for good measure.

32.) Peacock’s Goodfellas (Skullgirls Encore) 

Peacock’s main super attack isn’t just effective, it’s hilarious. She’ll put a bag over her opponent and beat them senselessly with a few friends, then begin to walk away as her bomb buddy continues to deal some damage. After that, she’ll throw a lit cigar and detonate it. Awesome.

31.) Kasumi’s Tenbu (Dead Or Alive)

The Tenbu is one of the more interesting grab moves we’ve seen – but does it hurt coming down. Kasumi flips upward and lands on an opponent’s face, with her legs wrapped around their shoulders. A second later, she flips them over and slams them on the ground. It’s a peculiar move, but one that does damage very quickly. 

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