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Top 50 Biggest Emotional Moments in Video Games: 20-11

by Prima Games Staff

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Warning: Spoilers!

We’ve seen quite a few twisted situations in our countdown of the Top 50 Biggest Emotional Moments in Video Games, but now we’re getting into the thick of it, the shockers where you can’t help but feel incredibly happy, sad or surprised (heck, maybe all three) at what just happened. Even if you think your emotions are in check, your heart will flutter.

Without further ado, here’s 20-11!

20. Too many Elizabeths (Bioshock Infinite)

Even though it is somewhat cryptic (depending on a gamer’s point of view), there’s no question that Bioshock Infinite’s ending has a raw sense of power. There are a bunch of alternative universes involved (one that even comes into play in the Burial At Sea DLC), but essentially, Booker decides to sacrifice himself in order to stop Comstock from being created and harming Elizabeth. What follows is a saddening baptism, where eventually, all but one of the Elizabeths vanish. Weird, but cool.

19. The Companion Cube’s triumphant return (Portal 2)

The “death” of the Companion Cube in the original Portal was a heartbreaking moment. Yes, even more so than the cake being a lie. However, Valve made good on reuniting your character with it in Portal 2. After enduring one heck of a trial with Wheatley, you’re eventually rewarded with leaving the test chamber. However, you’re not going alone, as the slightly singed Cube joins you. Oh, happy day!

18. The impending sound of Spiny Shell doom (Mario Kart series)

There is no worse sound in the Mario Kart games than hearing a Spiny Shell coming your way. It usually starts with a small swirling noise, but then a large siren kicks in, and soon after, you see the Spiny Shell zooming in on you, only to stop your player dead in his or her tracks. It’s a sad sight to see, and most of the time, brings the most anguish you’ll feel in a Mario Kart game. Thankfully, there’s a saving grace in Mario Kart 8, as you can use a large Super Horn to eliminate it. That is, if you can find one in time.

17. Wait…YOU’RE Revan? (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

So you’ve been scourging across the galaxy in the hopes of locating Darth Revan to right so many wrongs. However, just when you think you’ve discovered everything you need to know about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, you discover…YOU ARE REVAN. It’s definitely a shocker, and how you guide your fate from there is entirely up to you. Us? We’re crushing the galaxy. Sorry, it deserves it.

16. Sniper Wolf’s death (Metal Gear Solid)

The death of a memorable character can be difficult, even bosses. Take Sniper Wolf. When Solid Snake is able to subdue her, she spends her last remaining moments explaining herself, and Snake listens to every word. For good measure, Otacon adds emotional heft to the scene, since he was infatuated with her to begin with. It’s worth watching, even though you have bigger fish to fry.

15. The loss of a son (Heavy Rain)

The loss of a child is always tough – and gamers experienced it first hand in Heavy Rain. After inadvertently losing his son Jason in the mall, Ethan discovers that his kid ran into the middle of the street. He attempts to save his life, but it’s too late, and the sight of a singular balloon flying away says it all. A sad but defining moment in Heavy Rain, for sure.

14. In water (Silent Hill 2)

It’s been a rough road for James, especially considering everything that happened to Mary. However, the “in water” ending is probably the toughest to take. After Mary passes, James feels there’s nothing left to live for, and promptly drives his car into a lake, drowning himself. We never see the incident, but we certainly hear it – and it’s nerve rattling.

13. Farewell, Cortana (Halo 4) 

In probably one of the deepest scenes of friendship between a hero and his computer simulation buddy, Cortana saves Master Chief from a massive explosion – but as a result, sacrifices herself in the process. This is probably one of the more tender moments in the series, as it’s one of the few times Master Chief feels actual loss. You can bet the story will pick back up in Halo 5: Guardians next year. 

12. The Little Sisters live (Bioshock)

We previously discussed the bad ending you get in Bioshock when you sacrifice the Little Sisters, but the good one definitely brings on the waterworks. By saving the Little Sisters, you provide them with a chance to live their own lives. Plus, even after your character grows old and near death, they can’t help but come visit and pay their thanks. It’s easily one of the most moving moments in the game.

11. Dom can’t save his wife (Gears of War 2)

Poor Dom. The guy can’t catch a break in Gears of War 2. After fighting beyond his means to save his wife Mara, he eventually finds her – only to realize that she’s no longer herself. Not willing to watch her suffer any longer, Dom makes a painful sacrifice. Granted, this gives him the drive he needs to kill everything. Still, what a loss.

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