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Top 5 Easter Eggs Found in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4

by Prima Games Staff

Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 are well known for their Easter eggs, and the developers at DICE have done an outstanding job with them. In fact, even looking at other games to come out in the last couple of years, there aren’t many that can keep up with the series.

On that note, here are our top five Easter eggs from Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, brought to you partly because we wanted to share them with you, but also because we just wanted to burn an hour reliving each of them in all their glory. Enjoy!

5. Pterodactyl on Nebandan Flats

If you’ve ever flown a jet on the Battlefield 3 End Game map, Nebandan Flats, you might have seen what looked like a large bird, but is actually a pterodactyl. While it constantly roams the skies, you can’t shoot, run it over or interact with it in anyway. Still, seeing this bad boy flying around is one of the coolest Easter eggs of Battlefield 3.

4. Jurassic Park T-Rex on Rogue Transmission

What started off as a hunt for Megalodon ended with the discovery of T-Rex in the trees just off the main part of the Rogue Transmission map. This Easter egg is activated by pushing two buttons within a specific time frame, and shortly thereafter, the roar from the giant beast can be heard along with the rustling of trees. Check out the video below to see how you can trigger it.

3. The M-Com Song

Few people are aware of this Easter egg, but the scrolling text on an armed M-COM in the Battlefield 3 game mode of Rush actually shows song lyrics. If you have any hope of seeing them, you’ll need to capture gameplay, zooming in and slowing it down in order to read it. The other option is to just watch the video below.

2. The Phantom Program

The Phantom Prospect, Phantom Trainee and Phantom Initiate is an ongoing puzzle and Easter egg that has consumed the Battlefield 4 community for several months now. While each one has its own password and requirements, with one DLC left to release later this year, it’s likely to continue through to the end of 2014. Who knows, once it’s complete, it might even be the best Easter egg in Battlefield history. Until then, the number two spot will have to do.

1. Megalodon

Let’s face it, there was never any doubt. You can’t put a giant prehistoric shark in a video game about war and expect it to finish anywhere but first. Not only that, but this Easter egg was a gift to the fans of the franchise who spent months hunting for it, even before it existed. It can be triggered on the Nansha Strike map from the Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC. In order to do this, take yourself and nine of your closest friends to the lone buoy by the C flag, then look up and wait for death.

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