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Top 100 Best Video Game Cheats, Codes and Tips of All Time: 10-1

by Prima Games Staff

After an exhausting but fun two-week countdown of the best cheats of all time, we finally reached the elite top ten. We’ve seen a lot of favorites, but these cheats represent the all-time greats, with games like Metal Gear Solid, Doom and The Legend of Zelda. On that note, here they are.

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10.) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Play as Richter (PlayStation) 

Once you complete the epic adventure of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – and we mean the whole castle – it’s still not over. Beat the game completely, then go into the password screen and enter “RICHTER”. You’ll be able to play through it all over again with the hero that started it all.

9.) Metal Gear Solid: Beating Psycho Mantis (PlayStation) 

Psycho Mantis is a complete freak – and one that you’ll have a hard time beating if you don’t know what to do. C’mon, he’s a psychic – he can even read your memory card for Castlevania saves! Don’t worry, there’s a simple way to get around him. Take your PlayStation controller and plug it into the second port, then let him have it. Victory!

8.) Doom: Get all the weapons, health, armor and keys (PC) 

Doom can be a real pain, especially if you’re playing on the highest difficulty. However, there’s a code that’ll provide you with everything you need. Simply type in “IDKFA” on the text screen and you’ll unlock all the weapons (including the BFG), as well as full health, armor and keys.

7.) The Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past- Vengeful Chickens (SNES) 

Rule of thumb: if you see a chicken in The Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past, leave it alone. If you’re curious, corner one and attack it several times with your sword. Be warned, though – once you do, several chickens will come flying on the screen, attacking Link from all directions.

6.) Super Mario Bros. 3: Find the Warp Whistle (NES) 

There are three warp whistles in Super Mario Bros. 3, but the first is our favorite. Go to World 1-3 until you get to the white block, then duck down for a few seconds. You’ll drop behind the scenery. Run all the way to the right and you’ll reach Toad’s house, where he’ll award you with the first warp whistle! Bonus tip: if you use a second warp whistle after getting to the warp room with the first, you’ll go right to World 8!

5.) Mortal Kombat: The Infamous Blood Code (Sega Genesis) 

When Mortal Kombat arrived for SNES and Sega Genesis, it came without the glorious blood and carnage the arcade game was known for. While the SNES version couldn’t get over the sweat, the Genesis version contained a blood code featuring the red stuff. To activate it, wait for a text screen asking about a “code”, then enter A, B, A, C, A, B and B (ABACABB). In addition, you can activate a special options menu with the ability to turn on blood by entering Down, Up, L, L, A, Right and Down during the bios screen. Enjoy the bloodshed.

4.) Super Mario Bros.: Infinite 1ups (NES) 

Lives are hard to come by in Super Mario Bros. – but if you know the right locations, you can get plenty early on in the game. Follow instructions with the video above, and corner a turtle shell along a staircase leading to the flag at the end of the stage. Jump just right, and you’ll keep rebounding against the shell and eventually score tons of 1-ups. It’s a trick that never gets old.

3.) Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!: Head Right to Tyson (NES) 

Want to fight Mike Tyson right away in his edition of Punch-Out!!, without having to fight through the other guys? Now you can. Enter 007 373 5963 on the password screen. Be careful, though. As you can see above, he’s quick.

2.) Metroid: Samus Aran’s True Form (NES)

A few people were blown away by the fact that Samus Aran was – gasp! – a woman in the original Metroid game. However, if you had the Justin Bailey code, you would’ve known it right from the start. Enter “Justin Bailey” on the top half of the password screen, and all spaces on the bottom, and you’ll play through the game without her helmet. It’s a neat little trick.

1.) The Konami Code (NES, various games)

The number one trick of all time? C’mon, it’s embedded in our culture – and our minds – for many years. The famous Konami code first appeared in the original NES game Contra, and made cameos in other games over the years, providing extra lives and power-ups in a variety of titles. How does it work? Simple. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A and start. That’ll give you 30 lives in Contra, and so much more in other games. Try it in Gradius as well. Oh, and watch for it in Wreck-It Ralph.

Miss the greatest video game cheats? 100-91|90-81|80-71|70-61|60-51|50-41|40-31|30-21|20-11|10-1

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