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Top 10 Video Game Knives

by Ginny Woo

We’re of the opinion that every video game villain needs a weapon, and the deadlier the weapon the better. We present: knives. Knives are a great versatile option for any aspiring evildoer who wants to take down their prey. Whether the order of the day is a twilight rendezvous that turns into assassination or the classic butcher knife to the throat, these blades are a staple in all kinds of video games. If you’re wanting to get prepped for Halloween and to arm yourself against the titles on our list of the top Nintendo Switch horror games, check out the top 10 video game knives that we’ve encountered.

Top 10 Video Game Knives – Butcher’s Knife from Let’s Meat Adam

Let’s Meat Adam has really been doing the rounds on this spooky season, which we reckon is absolutely on brand. This explicitly queer horror visual novel tasks you with being a very attractive Instagram-analog model and surviving a night in a rather gruesome “limited edition” escape room with a bunch of other hot dudes. After that, it’s all SAW from here, and the main villain (the Goatman) wields a butcher knife that becomes their killer trademark over the course of the title. 

Top 10 Video Game Knives – Data Knife from Titanfall 2

If you want a knife that works for you instead of one that will probably end up buried in your toned stomach, then you’ll know why the Data Knife from Titanfall 2 made our list. For starters, you aren’t meant to use the Data Knife on people. You’re meant to use it when you need to hack things and to get a technological leg-up on your foes, so instead of having to extract it from someone’s guts, you’ll just have to make sure you aren’t electrocuted when you pull it out of a bunch of wires. 

Top 10 Video Game Knives – Isabela’s Daggers from Dragon Age 2

Isabela is one of the best characters in Dragon Age 2, and not only because she’s super hot. She’s a great asset to any party, and her daggers are a big part of that. Isabela is deadly in pretty much every cutscene that sees her pull those bad boys out, and we know that she hasn’t stayed captain of her ship by coasting along on her good looks alone. Her daggers look sick as hell, and ending up on the pointy end of them is probably most people’s worst nightmare (or their idea of heaven, depending on what you’re into).

Top 10 Video Game Knives – Hidden Blades from Assassin’s Creed

The hidden blades from Assassin’s Creed have been standouts from throughout the franchise, and if you’re looking for stealth assassinations instead of taking on foes head-on. Honestly, we would recommend that strategy if you’re going up against enemies that you think might overwhelm you in every other situation. Need to deal with roaming zombies? Wrist blades to the neck. That’s not canon, but the sentiment still counts. Hiding your offensive power will make enemies underestimate you.

Top 10 Video Game Knives – Katarina’s Knives from League of Legends

Katarina is probably right up there when we’re talking about everyone’s favorite Noxians from League of Legends, and we’re going to give a whole lot of credit to her knives. Not content with simply being able to throw blades at her adversaries, Katerina takes it one step further. Have we mentioned that she basically turns herself into a whirling dervish of knives for most of her kit so that she can slice and dice her foes to death? Yeah, that’s a thing.

Top 10 Video Game Knives – Shadowflame Knife from Terraria

The Shadowflame Knife is incredibly notorious for a number of reasons in the Terraria community, chief among them being the fact that it actually produces other knives. If you’re having trouble with something hunting you, what better weapon to equip yourself with than with one that shoots other blades as projectiles. The Shadowflame Knife is incredibly battle-efficient because the mini-knives that it produces are heat-seeking, meaning that no enemy will truly escape. Talk about handy.

Top 10 Video Game Knives – Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Do we even have to explain this one? Knives Chau is, quite literally, Knives. While we all remember her from the Scott Pilgrim movie, there was also a Scott Pilgrim vs The World video game which featured her as a DLC character. She looks just as you’d expect: scarf, dual-toned hair, and a whole lot of attitude. Knives was actually the first entry on this list that came to mind, but we figured that we’d actually put some stabby, pointy things first even though she technically makes the list by virtue of also being a weapon in her own right.

Top 10 Video Game Knives – Mehrune’s Razor from Elder Scrolls 4

Speaking of knives with cool abilities, have you ever wanted to wield one that sucks the literal soul out of people? Well, welcome to Mehrun’s Razor from Elder Scrolls 4. This knife is clearly up to no good, as evidenced by the fact that you’d have to get it from the Dark Brotherhood, and its special effect is one of the spookiest that we could think of. If you’re feeling particularly macabre, you’ll also be able to keep a running tally of all the victims that you’ve stolen souls from. Neat, huh?

Top 10 Video Game Knives – Larxene’s Vol de Nuit from Kingdom Hearts

Larxene is notable for being the only woman in Organization XIII, but she’s also got a temperament to rival most horror game villains. Her whole schtick being electrified throwing knives is also super cool, and she has a veritable collection of blades to pick from. While they’ve all got pretentious names, Vol de Nuit is an all-round badass knife and honestly, imagining throwing it at someone just seems real cool. We’ll ignore the fact that we aren’t meant to root for the Nobodies. 

Top 10 Video Game Knives – Cody Travers’ Knife Pickup from Street Fighter V

Cody Travers’ whole thing is randomly picking up a knife and going to town on someone with it, so we reckon his Knife Pickup skill makes this list. He’s no stranger to the Street Fighter series, though the fact that he was given an alternate skin recently has made him a hot commodity for everyone who’s into a more buff version of Soldier 76 who’s definitely not wearing a blonde hair plug. Regardless of what he’s wearing, his knife skills are on point, and we can definitely count on him to bring his blade to literally every kind of fight, regardless of what his opponent is packing.

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