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Titanfall Launch Party Recap

by Prima Games Staff

It’s an exciting day for multiplayer shooter fans everywhere, as Titanfall finally launched for Xbox One and PC. To help celebrate the event, we made a stop at the Microsoft Store to check out the party proceedings – and watch some players have a go at the game’s nearly unlimited mobility.

The line to get in was huge at first, but everyone managed to make their way into the store in a matter of a half an hour. For good measure, free pizza and soda was offered to keep the natives from getting restless.

Several kiosks were set up for Titanfall play, including this large, beautiful display. Some even watched it from outside to get a clear view. 

More of the kiosks from the event, where players could work together on teams. Oh, and totally load up on Titans.

The first people in line managed to grab this sweet limited edition Titanfall shirt – but everyone was able to pre-order and take home a copy of the game, among other Titanfall accessories. 

With free food, soda and plenty of giveaways, the Microsoft Store was wall-to-wall with excited customers.

In addition to TV set-ups, gamers could also use the GAEMS unit to play Titanfall on the go. What a novel idea. 

The limited edition lanyard that attendees managed to take home from the event. Pretty nice, actually.

There were plenty of giveaways on hand for the event, including Xbox One consoles, Turtle Beach headsets and, say, that guide looks familiar! 

Why, yes, the Prima Official Titanfall Guide is available. Here you see special copies signed by our own Strongside. 

Overall, the event was a lot of fun, and certainly got everyone amped up for the release of the game, which is available now. Thanks to the Microsoft Store staff for taking such good care of us.

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