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Tiger King Hilariously Recreated In Sims 4

by Liana Ruppert

Tiger King, whether you want it to be or not, is everywhere. The hit Netflix documentary that takes a weird and murderous turn has inspired some of the best memes since Bird Box and gamers wasted no time when it came down to trying to recreate this chaotic mess for themselves. One Sims 4 player did a pretty dang good job with their Tiger King recreation and honestly? Some things are just too good not to share. 

The recreation comes from YouTuber KrisWithaK and shows the creation process of making Joe Exotic in the world of Sims 4. The video also showcases the hot mess in glittered southern glory with a tiger companion, because naturally. From the start of the video, it looks like this YouTuber could be recreated an entire park and honestly? I’m writing this in hopes he sees it so I can see a full recreation because for some reason I’m invested and I need help, please scrub this show from my brain. 

Also, Carol totally fed her husband to tigers. Girl, bye.

This content creator is by far not the only one to tackle Tiger King in all of its weird glory within a popular game. Let’s not forget this adorable Animal Crossing: New Horizons mashup, sans Carol and her murderous-flower-crown-wearing ways: 

For those that have been blissfully unaware about what Tiger King even is, first let me say I’m sorry for this and secondly: you’re also welcome. If we have to fall into this weird Netflix pit, you’re coming with us, but at least there are memes to help make this particular digestion a little easier. 

As for the show, the documentary centers around the epic battle between Carol Baskin and Joe Exotic in a weird tale of meth-fueled marriages, some tiger mauling, and overall exploitation of innocent animals in the name of fame and pretending to care about anything but themselves. It’s sick, it’s twisted, it shows off the worst of humanity, and we can’t stop watching. 

Tiger King is available now to stream on Netflix. Found even better recreations? Hit us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames, show us whatcha got! Be sure to check out what else is going on in the gaming-verse with some of the latest news stories hitting the site today: 

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