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Thief Guide Organization

by Prima Games Staff

With so much room to explore and so many ways to approach every intricate scenario in Thief, organizing the guide proved to be a unique challenge. Here’s how we’ve created the perfect guide for Thief—one that gamers of all playstyles will enjoy.

Garrett’s Training

Even the most experienced thief can benefit from a little training. Our guide kicks off with a detailed “How to Play” chapter that covers the fine arts of stealth, thievery, and combat, along with the many weapons and tools at Garrett’s disposal. Having all of this information in one place provides a valuable resource designed to expose Thief’s many intricate systems.


Thief is all about freedom, and as such, our walkthrough is tailored to assist gamers of all playstyles. A heavy focus is placed on stealth, for remaining undetected and conserving resources gives you the greatest advantage going forward. Tips and tactics for aggressive and opportunistic players are also included, such as ideal methods for eliminating every threat in an area with minimal risk, or strategies for lifting every bit of loot unseen.

Speaking of loot, there’s a TON of it to find in Thief. Some missions feature over 100 loot items and collectibles, and the City (Thief’s sizeable hub zone) features hundreds more. With well over 1,000 bits and baubles to find, our walkthrough is an invaluable resource: Follow it faithfully, and you’ll be guided toward every bit of loot at the earliest opportunity, with tips on how to claim those items under heavy guard. Gorgeous, fully-labeled maps and supportive walkthrough elements, such as “goodie boxes” and collection progress flags, ensure that no valuable will escape your grasp.

Client Jobs

A variety of side jobs can be accepted as you progress through Thief’s main story. Many of these jobs can be completed as you explore the City, but a few clients offer more involved jobs that play out like mini-missions, complete with their own unique challenges. Because client jobs are optional and can be undertaken at your leisure, we’ve compiled them all in a standalone chapter that functions just like the walkthrough. All of the same elements are present, including goodie boxes, progression flags, fully-labeled maps, and step-by-step tactics for completing each job like a pro.

Challenge Modes

Thief also features a selection of fast-paced challenge modes accessed through the main menu. These events test your ability to collect a vast amount of loot in as little time as possible while racing toward the exit door and avoiding guards along the way. To help you achieve top scores, our guide includes valuable tips and fully-labeled maps that reveal every piece of loot, along with guard patrol routes that help you circumvent each threat. Use this information to your advantage as you aim to top the leaderboards!

Make sure you’re ready for Thief — order your copy of the official Thief Prima guide today and be sure to check out the official Thief game page!


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