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The Latest COD DMZ Bundles are Pay-To-Win and Only Getting Worse

Something sinister is cooking in the DMZ.

As Season 3 began for Call of Duty: Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, there were plenty of leaks for the DMZ mode as well. All kinds of bundles were leaked, and it looked like some of them would be pay-to-win. Turns out they were, and as more time goes on, the store bundles were only getting worse.

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Up to this point, the store bundles for the COD DMZ have been based around more Active Duty Operator slots, Insured Weapon cooldowns, and 2-Plate Armor Vests for the specific Operator. Some of those were mildly pay-to-win, and it doesn’t matter how much so. Somehow, much of the community has been defending the latest bundles, and with the latest Dark Ritual, it looks like it may be blowing up in the face of the DMZ community.

Pay-To-Win Bundles are About to Get Much Worse in COD DMZ

So far, many of the leaks have turned out to be true for the store bundles. The latest bundle, which is called Dark Rituals II, lets players spawn with a free Self-Revive Kit every round without fail, as long as the Operator is equipped. For the low price of $20, you get a skin that’s essentially reused, and you’ll never need to worry about having no Self-Revive Kit ever again when you lose your gear.

Because many of the leaks have already turned out to be true, one of the future bundles in Season 3 of COD DMZ will feature an Operator that has instant access to a UAV every round. On its own, that’s already an insane advantage for any deployment in the mode. However, the addition of the 3-Plate Comms Vest makes it even worse. The Comms Vest turns any UAV into an Advanced UAV. Whether you have a Stealth Vest on or the Ghost Perk from a streak, the player with the Comms Vest will be able to see you.

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Once again, for the low price of $20, you can start a deployment with Advanced UAV. On a map like Ashika Island, that is almost instant elimination for anyone in the area. Some spawns are within 20 seconds of each other, and these players will have instant. It’s absolutely pay-to-win and the entire community needs to wake up.

The Call of Duty DMZ Community Should be Outraged

For some reason, there have been tons of players defending the latest bundles for the DMZ mode. Go to any post on Twitter, Reddit, or YouTube where someone is claiming that the bundles are pay-to-win, and you’ll have a flock of fans who are quick to defend them. I can already see the comments before I look at a new post. “You don’t have to buy them,” followed by “I can find a Self-Revive Kit within 30 seconds of each run.”

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Let’s just say that’s true. You can find a 2-Plate Armor Vest or a Self-Revive Kit super easily. That’s not the point. If free UAV is next, and of course, it will sell well because the community doesn’t seem to care or wants an advantage, that means Season 4 will bring much more than a Sinister Skin and some Self-Revive Kits. You should expect to see 3-Plate Vests and maybe even Advanced UAV because, why not? The community has already been defending this, so why not continue the trend?

We were all tricked by the Soap bundle from a couple of days ago that simply added another Active Duty Operator slot. In my opinion, those are fine. They don’t effect anything in the game itself. But with the Self-Revive Kit bundle in COD DMZ, it should be clear as day to all of you now that this is not slowing down. While it’s hard to ask players not to buy something, which will never work, we can all at least call this out for what it is. Don’t defend these practices unless you want to see more expensive bundles for more powerful gear. Maybe we can curb some of this before it gets out of hand.

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