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Super Smash Bros. vs. Super Mario amiibo – Which are Your Favorites?

by Prima Games Staff

Hello, fellow Nintendo fan. Happy new amiibo day! At least we hope March 20 was exciting for you, what with the new Super Mario amiibo lineup appearing in stores nationwide. If you found a Gold Mario at Walmart, we’re jealous.

Aside from Toad (who is supremely adorable by the way), these are the same characters Nintendo released as part of the Super Smash Bros. amiibo lineup that debuted this past November, except with different packaging and figure poses. Put them side-by-side and the differences are immediately noticeable, not just with the boxes, but also paint jobs.

Of course, the first thing we did after getting home was compare them all to see which ones we liked best. If you’re an avid amiibo collector, there’s a good chance you already did the exact same thing. With that in mind, here are the Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario amiibos next to each other. Is Smash Mario the best, or his brand-new doppelganger?  Find out, we shall.

Smash Mario vs. Mario Mario

Without question one of the coolest amiibo released so far, Smash Mario rocks because of the fireball in his left hand, along with the cool reflection of the flaming projectile in his overalls, which you can make out just beneath the two gold buttons.

Classic pose for the Mario on the right (the same amiibo from the Mario Kart 8 title screen) and a wonderful paint job. If we had to guess, this Mario will replace the Smash Bros. amiibo in stores and become the go-to figure. Nice work, Nintendo!

The amiibo championship belt goes to: Smash Mario will never flame out. We prefer that one.

Smash Luigi vs. Mario Luigi

You can’t mess with planking Luigi! There were some painting issues at first, but overall this is a great amiibo that is thankfully easy to buy just about anywhere.

By the looks of his face, this new Luigi traveled to sunny Isle Delfino to score a much-needed tan. Similar to Mario, this amiibo is cool but also safe as far as the pose is concerned.

The amiibo championship belt goes to: Planking Luigi wins, though we’re proud to display the Super Mario amiibo in the office.

Smash Bowser vs. Mario Bowser

Smash Bowser is one of the must-have amiibos, hands down. He features a cool paint job and expert detail on both his scaly skin and shell.

At first the weird speck under Super Mario Bowser’s right armpit freaked us out, but it’s dust outside of the box that we happily flicked away. As for the amiibo, he’s much bigger than his Smash counterpart and looks significantly meaner.

The amiibo championship belt goes to: Super Mario Bowser wins, if for nothing else than having superior posture.

Smash Peach vs. Mario Peach

Real men buy pink amiibos, right? We were on the fence about buying Smash Peach because we’re grown dudes in our 30s, but how could we resist the detail on that dress? Seriously.

As much as we love the color intensity of her dress, Peach’s crazy eyes on the right make us wary. She’s either super excited or plotting something sinister. Since it’s Peach, it’s obviously the former.

The amiibo championship belt goes to: Dress detail plus the ring on her left hand (something Super Mario Peach lacks) makes Super Smash Bros. Peach the clear winner.

Smash Yoshi vs. Mario Yoshi

Awesome pose for Smash Yoshi. It says “things are getting crazy so I’ll just mosey on out of here.” This Yoshi gets two big thumbs up.

Super Mario Yoshi is a bit reserved compared to its counterpart, but we dig the eyes, which convey more emotion. Super Mario Yoshi is curious to explore, but hesitant. There are literal gears inside that head, turning ever so gently. Side note, that sticker must go.

The amiibo championship belt goes to: It was close, but we’ll give the nod to Super Mario Yoshi. Something about eyes being windows, and all that jazz.

Finally, we have Toad. The cuteness is equivalent to the Death Star tractor beam. Don’t fight it.

Which amiibo is your favorite?

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