StoneAge World Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Level Up Fast

If you've just started StoneAge World and want some tips on how to level up fast check out this beginner's guide.

StoneAge World mixes the monster-catching and battle action of Pokemon with MMORPGs that let you explore expansive worlds. If you’ve been playing the mobile game, or seen it around and want to try it out, there are a lot of new systems and gameplay modes to get used to. Here are a few beginner’s tips and tricks to get you going in StoneAge World and leveling up your pets quickly.

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StoneAge World beginner tips and tricks

StoneAge World is a sort of mix between Pokemon and World of Warcraft (with a story reminiscent of Horizon Zero Dawn) so there’s lots of crossover if you’re a fan of any of those. But it does play differently from any of them. If you’re unfamiliar with mobile MMORPGs, especially those in the free-to-play bracket, there can be a lot going on. In StoneAge World, the main things you should be aiming to do are gain XP to unlock new features, and ensuring you have the strongest squad of dinos possible.

Building a strong team in StoneAge World

To make the strongest squad of dinos, you’ll need to look for pets with higher star ratings. These rarer pets have much better power ratios than lower star-rating pets, which are more common. There are also pets with higher ratings (S, A, B, C etc) that experience better stat gain and growth rates than pets of the same star rating.

You’ll get some of your first 3-star pets from completing quests, before you start grinding for them in the wild. If you do want to catch some of your own, you’ll need to attempt to catch some of the free-roaming dinos, and hope for a hidden pet to appear in the battle screen. You can check which areas have which hidden pets through the Get Pet > Capture menu on the left side.

Try to make sure that your squad has a good balance of elements and roles. We’ll go over elements later, but pets can be one of five roles in a team:

  • Heal: pretty obviously does the brunt of the healing duties.

  • AOE: does wide-ranging attacks that hit multiple enemies.

  • Suppress: does status-altering attacks that can restrict and control the enemy’s abilities.

  • DEF: pets with high defense that can block enemy attacks and sometimes reflect them.

  • ATK: these pets are the damage dealers, with high-powered single-target attacks.

Each pet has a power rating associated with them, based on their stat growth and attack power. Putting stronger pets in your lineup will help you overcome some of the stronger foes in your way as you progress.

Best way to level up in StoneAge World

Firstly, if you’re looking for the best way to level up quickly, then you’re in luck because the game’s main questline is by far the fastest way to earn XP. Other good sources include completing events and activities that pop up in the Life calendar. This is a constantly rotating schedule of activities that open up throughout the day and week. Complete objectives in them to player points and unlock better rewards throughout the day. And don’t forget to check the news, recharge and daily goal menus each day for free log-in bonuses.

To make your progress a little easier, and if you aren’t a fan of on-screen virtual joysticks, then you’ll be pleased to know you can just tap anywhere to walk there. This also extends to tapping on quests in your sidebar on the right, which will auto-run you straight to your next adventure. You can also let the game figure out the “optimal” way to fight battles for you, by turning on auto mode, but for some fights that might not be the best idea. Mainly because, like Pokemon, you can use these elemental types to your advantage in tougher fights.

Play to your strengths

Elements are a four-way game of rock, paper, scissors (if you imagine a fourth item, like a kettle or something) between Earth, Water, Fire and Wind – like the Avatar. You can leverage the element of your pet against your opponent’s if you follow this simple cyclical set of rules, as StoneAge World’s elemental weaknesses and strength are:

  • Earth beats Water

  • Water beats Fire

  • Fire beats Wind

  • Wind beats Earth

The smarter trainers among you may have realised that with four options you aren’t guaranteed to have a winner and loser. If you look at the circle of elements above, you can see that Earth and Fire are opposites with no advantage arrow, and Wind and Water are as well. These pairs simply negate their elemental advantages and deal neutral damage. If you use an element with advantage over another, you will Suppress the enemy pet, dealing 50% more damage. Use it against its natural weakness though, and you’ll only do 50% of the original damage.

You can get pets with more than one element, such as Earth/Water (though never opposite elements combined, like Earth and Fire). In this case, the element that has the most stat points in the share will be the main element, so try to avoid stacking them up against their natural weaknesses. If you can’t keep all those numbers in your head, then just select which pet you want to attack and see how the percentage damage changes above each one. For harder battles against enemies with high power levels, you may want to turn off auto-battle in order to better plan out your moves with these elemental strengths in mind. But be quick about it! You only have 30 seconds for your turn!

Let the grind work for you

Once you get to a certain point in the main quest, a number of side activities will open up to you. You might find that it’s impossible to defeat one of the main quest baddies with your current team. Look into improving each of your pets’ Growth Rate, which can be done through the Pet menu, or using the Research tab to add extra stat points like Agility and HP. Some of these cost currency and materials, so make sure you have enough to go around!

If you’ve run out of materials then you can gain more by going on Auto Hunts. These unlock after level 27 and allow you to roam around certain area and randomly encounter pets. They’re quite low level, so you can leave your party to auto-battle and the game will go into screensaver mode after a while to save your battery. If you open a party to others, they can join as you do other things and this will increase the XP you earn per battle. Now you can let the game grind for you while you get on with your real life!

A tribe called friends

While getting strangers to join your party can improve your Auto Hunt returns, you can also benefit from some online camaraderie in the rest of the game, too. After level 23 you’ll be able to join a Tribe, which lets you check in every day and earn rewards. If you keep checking in, you’ll contribute to the Tribe’s power and fund, so that the leader can research upgrades for the Tribe. You can also personally contribute by earning Tribe Contribution, a currency that you can spend on Tribe Skills. These skills passively apply boons to all Tribe members, improving the HP, DEF, ATK or Agility of any trainer in the tribe. Make sure you all co-ordinate together to get the stats you all need!

Learn more about StoneAge World, available now on iOS and Android devices, right here!

Author: Chris Higgins.

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