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Star Wars: Battlefront Multiplayer Modes – Cargo, Fighter Squadron, Droid Run

by Prima Games Staff

After experiencing the exciting Star Wars: Battlefront beta, we can’t wait to see what the game has to offer when it debuts for PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 17. There’s bound to be surprises, perhaps characters from The Force Awakens movie; Kylo Ren please! For now, we have a list of the multiplayer modes in the game, the ones EA officially revealed.

Walker Assault Mode


If you wish to see Battlefront at perhaps its most intense, Walker Assault is the mode to play. Up to 40 gamers (two teams of 20) attempt to recreate the epic Battle of Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back. Imperials charge towards the Rebel base while protecting their mighty four-legged AT-ATs, while the Rebellion digs in against the onslaught, calling in Y-wing Bombers and Snowspeeders to repel the invaders. Similar to the film, a Snowspeeders can wrap its tow cable around an AT-AT’s legs to bring it down. Additionally, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader play key roles in the outcome, so long as players pick up the special icons to become these iconic characters.

Supremacy Mode

With a title featuring the word Supremacy we expect large skirmishes, and DICE will deliver exactly that. Up to 40 players wage war in some of the biggest maps in Battlefront, with the goal to control five areas. We don’t have all of the details, but next to Walker Assault, this mode may show off the game in all its Lightsaber-singed glory.

Fighter Squadron Mode

Take the battle to the air in this vehicle-exclusive 20 vs. 20 multiplayer mode. Rebels pilot such iconic vehicles as the X-Wing and A-Wing, while Imperials sit behind the controls of TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors.  Dice also fills out the battle with AI-controlled vehicles, which ups the mode’s insanity. The first side to 200 kills wins, and you’ll make use of both hero and villain Star Wars vehicles, Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon for the Rebellion, and Boba Fett’s Slave-1 for the Empire.

Droid Run Mode

The loveable GNK (GONK!) Droid stars in this thrilling multiplayer mode, where two teams of six players each attempt to control three of these droids. It’s essentially capture and hold, except the droids are constantly on the move; yes, they go “GONK, GONK!” There are no heroes, villains and vehicles in Droid Run, and the developers created smaller versions of the maps (Tatooine, Hoth, Sullust, Endor) to help make the matches fast-paced and frantic.  There’s word of Wampa caves on the Hoth map, which increases the odds of perhaps encountering the dangerous creatures in the mode’s 10 minutes. Cross your fingers.

Cargo Mode

Of course, you can’t have a multiplayer-dominated game without Capture the Flag, except it works somewhat differently in Star Wars: Battlefront. With Cargo, two teams of six players start off with five pieces of cargo in their respective bases. The objective is to steal as much as possible from the opposing team and deliver it to your own base.  At the start of the match the score is 5-5, and if one team successfully brings a piece of cargo to their own base, the score changes to 6-4. EA designed it this way to create a tug of war scenario, while also reinforcing the idea of attack and defend. It’s one thing to drop off some cargo, but now you must guard it from enemies or risk losing the lead. This forces teams to split up, which prevents the action from being concentrated in the center of the map at all times.

Drop Zone Mode

DICE’s take on King of the Hill has two teams of eight players each fighting to control up to five drop pods within 10 minutes, or more than the other side when the time is up. Capturing and then holding these pods will take tremendous effort, but the reward is worth the danger. Control pods long enough and you stand to gain valuable Power Pickups that may turn the tide.

Blast Mode

This is Star Wars: Battlefront’s version of team deathmatch, where two teams of 10 players each attempt to score 100 kills or at the very least have more than the opposing side when the 10-minute timer expires. You won’t see vehicles, heroes or villains in this mode, and the developers tweaked the maps to offer close quarters fighting and in the case of Tatooine, unique verticality. You won’t encounter Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader, but a player-manned gun turret is enough to quickly mow someone down.

Heroes vs. Villains Mode

Both sides have their own heroes or villains, depending on their affiliation (Empire or Rebellion). You’ll want to score more points than the opposition while at the same time doing whatever it takes to keep your team’s most powerful character alive.

Hero Hunt Mode

Seven against one may seem like stacked odds, except the lone player controls Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett or an unannounced hero or villain. This person must stay alive as long as possible while the other players attempt to bring him or her down. Slay the hero or villain and you become the hunted. It’s like tag, except with Lightsabers.

Now find out how to play as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in Star Wars: Battlefront.

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