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STAR WARS Battlefront Fighter Squadron Mode – Millennium Falcon Vs. Slave-1

by Prima Games Staff

We already know EA’s Star Wars Battlefront offers thrilling ground-based combat with Walker Assault mode, with Rebel and Imperial forces blasting each other in such iconic locations as the ice planet Hoth and the forest of Endor, complete with Luke Skywalker clashing with Darth Vader.  Vehicles were somewhat of a mystery until this morning, when both EA and DICE unleashed a trailer highlighting the game’s Fighter Squadron mode. 

Based on the footage and what we recently learned, Fighter Squadron offers one heck of a dogfight. Exclusively aerial, the mode divides 20 players across both sides and adds computer-controlled vehicles to make the action even more intense while providing novice players with simpler enemies to take down. 

The goal? Score 200 kills before the other side within the time limit. Additionally, you must destroy your rivals’ transport shuttle or protect your own for bonus points. 

Each side makes use of familiar Star Wars vehicles. Rebels fly X-Wings and A-Wings, while the Empire makes use of TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors. You’re free to view the action from inside the cockpit or behind your ship, then pull off a signature ability if things get too crazy. Imperials have the luxury of a speed boost, while Rebel Alliance supporters can activate a shield to deflect laser fire. Meanwhile, evasive maneuvers help shake pesky enemies off your tail with a simple button press. 

While turning enemy ships into scrap, keep an eye out for power-ups in dangerous locations. Flying through one of these grant ship repairs and a faster missile cool down time.  The ultimate pick-up, though, gives you the privilege of temporarily controlling another ship. The Empire makes use of Boba Fett’s Slave-1, while Rebels can take Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon for a spin. What’s more, both of these ships come with signature weapons and power-ups.

We’ll have more on Star Wars Battlefront leading up to its November 17 release, including an in-depth guide to saving the galaxy. In the meantime, find out how similar Battlefront is to the Battlefield series?

Now see Fighter Squadron mode in action!

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