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This Skyrim Mod Adds Dragon Age Lore to Tamriel

by Liana Ruppert

Thank the maker, but knowing that Dragon Age 4 is coming after years of speculation, the excitement, a lot of BioWare fans can’t wait to step back into the world of Thedas once more. While we still have a few more years before we can actually get our hands on the title, there’s another fantasy universe from Bethesda that just added a touch of the mage vs. templar shenanigans thanks to this Skyrim mod.

According to the mod’s creator, “This mod takes several codex entries from Dragon Age and adds them throughout Skyrim as new books. You can find a chest containing all of the Dragon Age books in Whiterun, hidden in an alcove by the front gate.”

This particular mod is pretty cut and narrow and it’s really easy to add into Skyrim with a simple download. Does it come equipped with its very own Anders to blow everything to hell? Well, no, but if you’re a lore junkie like me and have an affinity for both RPG experiences, this mod is the perfect subtle touch that every narrative-lover craves.

I added it to my PC mods that I use, though I don’t play Skyrim on consoles so I’m not sure if there’s an Xbox, PlayStation version. If you’re wanting to test it out for yourself, you can check it out right here through Nexus Mods.

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