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SHIELD Launches into Space

by Prima Games Staff

Humanity’s very existence depends on you in The Battle of Sol, a stunning new space combat game for SHIELD Android TV.

What happens when a bunch of space-mad game coders decide to singlehandedly resurrect the space combat and exploration genre? Magic happens, and in this case it’s a game called The Battle of Sol which is now on NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV

Originally, the game was called Sol Exodus, and at the time of its release in January 2012 the space combat genre was practically non-existent. Unfortunately the company that built the game closed down and that looked to be the end, or at least it would have been were it not for a core team of three of the original game’s coders acquiring the rights, setting up new indie dev studio BitPlanet Games and rebuilding the game from the ground up to create the epic labor of love, The Battle of Sol. 

While the game’s creation is a truly life-affirming happy story, the same cannot be said of the plot of The Battle of Sol itself. Our planet is in trouble. By 2050 Earth can no longer sustain life, so humankind has been forced to leave and establish settlements throughout the solar system, but much worse is to come. In a frankly embarrassing miscalculation, it turns out the sun is dying far faster than anybody previously thought, and the remaining human faction must face the prospect of finding a home beyond the solar system while being attacked by a mysterious group called the Children of Dawn. Definitely a bad day at the office. 

However, despite an utterly desperate premise, this bleak outlook is the perfect basis for an altogether thrilling adventure that takes us across our solar system and beyond, engaging in fierce battles that take place in breathtaking locations. 

There are epic battles between vast Capital Ships, dogfights featuring small groups of fighter pilots pitted against hordes of enemy assailants, assaults on space stations, oil refineries and the like. This variety of combat takes place across 21 missions in this frantic battle of human survival.

It’s particularly thrilling that you get the opportunity to experience the wonder of our own solar system. During your travels you will get to see Saturn, Pluto, the Kuiper Belt, Uranus, Titan, Neptune and of course never before seen wonders of deep space.

SHIELD Android TV gamers should feel especially excited with their new hardware purchase. The Battle of Sol plays as great on SHIELD as the PC version, featuring the same beautiful 3D Unreal engine-generated visuals, all the missions and features, polished and tuned specifically for the SHIELD platform.

The Battle of Sol will take its rightful place alongside the rest of the equally impressive SHIELD Android TV library of games. You can download the game now from Google Play for $9.99.

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