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Rise of the Tomb Raider – Relic Locations

If you’re trying to get 100 percent completion in Rise of the Tomb Raider you’ll need these relics.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

The easiest way to steer you in the direction of the relics found in Rise of the Tomb Raider is to reference the base camps Lara Croft encounters as you play through the game. These are the camp fires where you can apply skill points, craft items and upgrade your weapons. We’ve divided this article by region and base camp to make it as easy as possible to find each relic, however, you can also look through our main walkthrough for more detailed instructions on how to find many of these relics.

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The Prophet’s Tomb

Syrian Cliffs Base Camp

Gilded Cross – Just before entering the Prophet’s Tomb, look on the far right on the ledge.

Syrian Tomb Base Camp

Wooden Cross – Head southwest of the tomb and look on the ground near the wall to the south to find this relic on the bottom ledge.

Siberian Wilderness

Crown of the Prince – Wilderness Refuge Base Camp

Archer’s Ring and Mongolian Tug – From the camp fire head southeast to find two caves. There’s one relic inside each cave, but one requires the use of a rope, which you may not have obtained if this is your first time in the area.

Bone Arrowhead – Make your way northeast of the camp as you start to approach another cave, look just outside on the ledge to find the relic.

Glacial Cavern

Mongolian Passage Base Camp

Piaza – South of the passage and about halfway toward the camp fire look on the west side of the second large room to find the relic.

Enamel Brooch – This relic is found on the east side of the area through the submerged tunnel.

Gulag ID – Head northeast of the passage to find a relic on the ledge just after you leave the tomb.

Soviet Installation

Rosary – Train Yard Base Camp

Family Photo – Head southeast of the train yard and open the cell door next to the prisoner. You need a lock pick to get inside and find this relic.

Wish Maker Toy – Northeast of the train yard you can find this relic inside the item box near the camp site.

Logging Camp Base Camp

Cigarette Case – Make your way northeast of the camp to the lumber mill. There’s a cage in the area with this relic.

Patch – Northeast of the camp you can find this relic on top of the watchtower, just north of the entrance to the Cistern Cavern.

Cistern Cavern Base Camp

Medal and The Game – Head to the cave northeast of the lumber mill to find these two relics inside.

Gulag Base Camp

Dog Tags – Head north of the camp to find a series of buildings. Go inside the first building and head downstairs to find the relic.

Hero of the Soviet Union Medal – Go west of the camp into the main building in this area to find the relic behind the winch.

Order of the Red Banner Medal – East of the camp you’ll find some prison cells. Just beyond these cells is the relic you seek.

Copper Mill Yard Base Camp

Pillbox – Southeast of the camp you can pry open the door to the very first building to find the relic.

Golden Icon – Head to the Excavation Shaft southeast of the camp to find both relics inside.

Maniples – In the main building, southeast of the camp, go past the Excavation Shaft to find an area with debris that can be removed with fire arrows. Just beyond the debris is this relic.

Censer and Hip Flask – Go into the wooden structure southeast of the camp and head down to the lower floor to find this relic. Inside the area you can remove a breakable wall to reveal a slide that leads to another building. There’s a rope pillar nearby that allows you to head up to reach the other relic.

Bomb Fuse – Due east of the camp you’ll find a mill. Head to the upper mill and pull down a blockade. Slide down the ledge beyond to find this relic.

Frozen Gorge Base Camp

A Father’s Sword – Climb back up after the wooden log falls, then head down the stairs to find this relic. After completing the various tasks in this area, head back to the camp site to find the other relic near the rope post.

Abandoned Mines

Excavation Shaft Base Camp

Iron Coin Tool – Southwest of the Pantheon Corridor on the map, head out the north exit from the final room to find the relic near the west wall.

Geothermal Valley

Valley Farmstead Base Camp

Planter Vase – Head just west of the camp to find this relic sitting on the crates near the camp fire.

Bear Carving – Go southwest down the stone stairs to find a barrier that can be removed. Clear the barrier to find the relic just beyond.

Ruins Encampment Base Camp

Arrowhead – Make your way southeast of the camp and climb up into the large structure by the Monolith. Once you’re inside, head to the top of the area to find the relic.

Ridgeline Base Camp

Ancient Dagger – Near the camp there’s a blockade that can be removed. Remove it to find the relic just beyond.

Cathedral Courtyard Base Camp

Belt Buckle – Head north of the camp all the way as far as you can go while remaining within the confines of the map. Climb up the stairs here to find the relic around the area where you must fight a wild beast.

Whirlpool Sanctuary Base Camp

Necklace – This relic is found south of the camp near the camp fire. Keep in mind, this base camp is underground.

Scroll Case – Move beyond the spike trap and search the base of the statue to find this relic.

Infirmary Base Camp

Ivory Jar – You’ll find this relic east of the camp, on top of the stone slabs that house the dead bodies in the small room next to the camp.

Rope Ring – Southwest of the camp, head into the next room to find this relic on the far side by the corpse.

Hidden Ravine Base Camp

Dice – Go east of the camp to find the relic sitting near the rotating platform by the table.

Silver Basket – Head north of the camp and use the zip line to reach the lower area and find the relic by a winch.

Aquifer Cavern Base Camp

Goblet – North of the camp you need to grapple across the pool to find the relic between the shelves of skulls.

The Pagan God – Southeast of the camp there’s a relic on the floor.

The Acropolis

Remnant Bazaar Base Camp

Reliquary – Southwest of the cam, this relic is found inside the large building on the eastern wall.

Riverside Landing Base Camp

Deer Charm – Go north of the camp to the underground area to find the relic near the wall where you first obtained the grenade arrows.

Bullae – Northeast of the camp there’s a relic on the condemned bridge that heads south toward the tower.

Flooded Archives

Greek Fire Depot Base Camp

Pennon Flag – Head north from the camp and climb up the rock wall as far north as you can go on the map. When you reach the upper ledge, the relic is found at the end of the passage that leads to the south balconies.

Battle Standard – Southwest of the camp the relic is found in a narrow hallway after you climb to the upper portion of the area.

Research Base

Weather Station Base Camp

Stamp – Right next to the weather station you will find this relic very close to the camp.

Reliquary Pendant – Go north of the camp and head left when you get to the structure to find the relic in the back.

Engraved Casing – There’s a small walkway just outside the second floor of the main building north of the station. This is where you’ll find the relic.

Path of Deathless

Icy Bluff Base Camp

Mysterious Figurine – Northeast of the camp, head through the city but stop before you head up the cliffs. This relic is near the right wall.

The Lost City

Threshold of Kitezh Base Camp

Amber Necklace – Take the zip line from the camp and make your way to the building to the north to find the relic by the corpse beds.

Kitezhian Silver – Head to the southwest side of the area and climb up to the rooftops. Take the wooden walkway to the small room south of the entrance into the crypt to find this relic on a ledge outside the window.

Spurs – Go to the crypt entrance, then head into the building directly north to find the relic on the top floor.

Citadel Plaza Base Camp

Flint Striker – Go southeast of the camp to the bell tower and remove the blockade to find a relic just beyond.

Rus Drinking Horn – On the southeast side of the city you’ll find the stables were a relic awaits by a pile of hay.

Wooden Icon – Go south from the camp fire to the gate into the main city. Just beyond the gate create a zip line to the building directly to the south to find a relic on the top floor.

Ivory Carving – Head west of the main plaza via the upper floor to find a relic on the south side of the hallway.

Glass Vase – Just above the gate where you need to use the climbing arrows, stop at the first platform to find the relic.

Geothermal Caverns Base Camp

Soldier’s Pendant – South of the camp, on your way out of the cavern, get out of the water to find a relic on the far wall.

Scroll Case – At the entrance to the caves you’ll find this relic.

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