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Riot Games Warns Against Valorant Beta Account Sellers, Shut Downs In Progress

by Liana Ruppert

Getting a Valorant closed beta code has proven more challenging than many initially thought and while scammers are nothing new, it seems this practice of selling beta accounts is on the rise and Riot Games is having none of it. Because of this, Riot Games is actively working on shutting these accounts down and in doing so, they have also issued a warning to both sellers and buyers. 

The responding thread was about what one would expect, some don’t realize how smart this move is when engaging a Twitch audience while also keeping feedback mainlined to those actually playing the game, not just looking for a quick sale. That being said, there are a few complications with the banning system, namely between familiar account sharing. Small cracks aside, the actions Riot Games are taking is working towards protecting the Valorant community right out of the gate, an action that will continue to evolve as the community continues to evolve. 

While anti-cheating and anti-scammer measures are often prevalent, they are never foolproof, but it is nice to see Riot taking such a proactive attitude when it comes to community preservation and preventing scams where they can. We don’t have a number of accounts shut down at this time, though the team did mention that this effort is still very much in progress. 

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