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PUBG MOBILE Team Discusses the Future of the Franchise, Resident Evil, and Their Newest Survival Mode

Resident Evil, skin inspiration, and ... Kingdom Hearts 3? We sat down with the PUBG MOBILE team to discuss it all.
This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

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The road to those delicious chicken dinners in PUBG MOBILE is constantly changing, making it an incredible battle royale experience for those gamers on the go. Last year, Tencent Games and Capcom teamed up for an incredible Resident Evil 2 event to celebrate Capcom’s remake and now the team is taking their love of horror one step further with a new update called the Darkest Night. The newest mode takes the survival experience even further by adding zombies and poison gas into the mix. 

We recently got a chance to sit down with Rick Li, the producer behind PUBG MOBILE, to talk a little more about their ambitious crossover and what some of the studio’s future plans are regarding the battle royale adventure. And because we’re huge suckers of our beloved Kingdom Hearts 3, we naturally had to throw a question in there about a possible Sora addition somewhere down the line. 

What made the team choose the Resident Evil 2 remake as the focus of the latest crossover?

Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise is well known among both the gaming community and the larger entertainment industry. Our development team are all huge fans of the Resident Evil series and it seemed like a no-brainer to bring the world of Resident Evil to the PUBG MOBILE space. PUBG MOBILE is very honored to be working with Capcom on an IP as highly regarded as Resident Evil 2.


Are there any plans to expand on this event in the future, possibly with new skins?

After the success of Survive Till Dawn in February, the logical next step was to return with the Survive Till Dawn 2.0 update. We’ve included new items, special zombies and a new climbing system, that is sure to excite and challenge PUBG MOBILE and Resident Evil fans alike. We are constantly surveying community feedback and addressing how we can continue to create an enjoyable experience for all players.


Resident Evil 2 wasn’t the only big recent gaming release. Any chance of going a more light-hearted route for a crossover like with Kingdom Hearts 3?

We can’t speculate about any upcoming partnerships, however, when identifying any new potential collaborations, we want to make sure we always think of PUBG MOBILE players first. For them, it’s important we stay true to PUBG’s brand, therefore, with any new content we look to include, we consider them first and foremost.


What about the Resident Evil franchise inspired you guys to offer this kind of an event, or was it planned more from a marketing standpoint?

Our team lives and breathes PUBG MOBILE, and of course, there are quite a few fans of the Resident Evil series on our team. When the opportunity came about to actually work on a crossover event and have a zombie mode created for PUBG MOBILE, the team was very excited to make it happen. We spent more than 6 months with the Capcom development team, researching how elements of our two games could be combined and represented equally.


What has the overall player reaction been like regarding the RE x PUBG MOBILE event?

The crossover event has received high praise from players who enjoy PUBG MOBILE and Resident Evil alike. We are extremely fortunate to have had this opportunity to expand and explore with Capcom and are proud to have brought these two worlds together. We’re eager to ignite a similar response within the community with this latest update and new content.


Does the rapid success of Apex Legends mean more unique content such as this event? Anything you guys want to announce that you haven’t yet?

Again, nothing to announce yet but our goal is to keep PUBG MOBILE players engaged and confident they’re playing the best game we have to offer. Part of that will be to continue finding ways to keep players satisfied – with improvements to the core game and new content that adds a continued feeling of excitement.


What is the toughest Resident Evil boss that you’ve encountered, and will we ever see it make its way into PUBG MOBILE?

Haha – there are so many bosses to choose from across over 20 games and over 20 years of the franchise’s history. One of the toughest I’d have to say is the Tyrant (Mr. X), who has already made his PUBG MOBILE debut. His unique entrance to the game is something we were thrilled to make happen. Typically, in PUBG MOBILE rounds, you can follow the plane and chase a loot drop but in Survive Till Dawn, the bosses drop into the map in tubes. You can actually see where they land on the map – giving a player the chance to go “boss hunting” or stay hidden in order to survive.

As for the Darkest Night mode, the thrilling fight for survival just got better as the newest addition drops today for PUBG MOBILE. According to Tencent, “Darkest Night is an all-new game type where players must spend one night fending off waves of zombie enemies and fight to stay alive. Rather than parachuting in, players are placed randomly on the map to face zombie hordes during each of the three foggy nights. There is no single chicken dinner to earn this time and players may form an alliance to help each other to survive when necessary, unless the alliance decides turns on each other.”

Ready to check it out for yourself? Darkest Night and PUBG MOBILE both are available now for iOS and Android devices. 

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