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Prima Games: We Were Just Playing Dead

by Prima Games Staff

In November, the Internet proclaimed Prima Games was dead. After a twenty-nine year reign over game guides, we would have to close up shop and no longer produce strategy guides or anything else.

Turns out, this is fake news. Thanks to Asteri Holdings, we haven’t been put out to pasture by a changing market nor have our guides become obsolete in this digital era like some would claim. And our 1.7 million users know it.

They know that Prima Games is more than just a digital or print strategy guide site. We are games. Beyond print and digital guides, we’ve evolved into a one-stop shop for all things gaming. Sure, any random YouTuber can post video walkthroughs. But those random YouTubers don’t have the long-standing credentials to get insider content that we do. Those other sites don’t have interactive maps for your favorite games like we do. None of them have the history with games that we do.

When Prima Games launched back in 1990, the founders wanted to create a platform for sharing game secrets. For nearly thirty years, we’ve been the most trusted source for those secrets, tips, and guides that enhance gameplay.

But it isn’t just secrets anymore.

We’ve expanded to envelope the entire gaming industry. Looking for the latest news on Fortnite or trying to find out when The Outer Worlds will be released on Switch? We’ve got that. How about daily livestreams from gamers, influencers, esports, and more? We’ve got loads of that. Dedicated Twitch channel? Check. Podcasts from celebrities and gamers? Double check. We will even get exclusive content direct from game developers themselves.

And beyond all that awesomeness, we’ve got the next level of bonus goodies on the way. Our newsletter and social media channels will offer opportunities for exclusive content while our members will be able to unlock special monthly rewards, starting with free game guides for popular games. And there will be even more game-related free content in the coming months.

So, no, Prima Games is not dead. We were not killed by Millennials or a swarm of Cuccos. We are alive and thriving. We got our 1-Up and we’ve respawned. For the last 29 years, we’ve been a cornerstone of game culture, and that’s not changing anytime soon.

Prima Games Staff

The staff at Prima Games.