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Prima Community Member Spotlight: Scoot Flannigan

by Prima Games Staff

Scott “Scoot Flannigan” Snider is many things: a gamer, a dad, a husband, a community member, and Twitch moderator. If you’re on often or catch any of our Twitch live streams, sooner rather than later you’ll see “Scoot.” Get to know more about this Prima community member and all-around good guy . . .


To start, can you tell us a little about yourself?

OK, I am 32 and I am lucky enough to be married to a beautiful woman who is a bit of a gamer and we have 2 amazing daughters, 4 and 1. We both work full time and then with the kiddos it makes it pretty hard to game like I used to. And I used to play a lot, lol. I started gaming at a very early age on my parents ATARI. I used to rock some Pong, Pitfall, Space Invaders and Pac Man every chance I got. From there I still vividly remember opening up my first console: the original NES. It would be the first of many. Being a little brother though I never grew to love Mario, I was always relegated to 2nd player so Luigi is my go to guy. I think it’s that way to a lot of younger siblings. Anyway, I was hooked. My parents started my addiction and I would go on to own SNES, Sega Master System, Game Gear. N64, Virtual Boy, Game Cube, PS1, 2, 3, and now 4, and a psp. I just recently bought my 4 year old her first game Kingdom Hearts 1.5 along with the Prima Guide 🙂 and I’m her wingman walking her through a game I enjoyed years ago. It is a blast. When I’m not stuck at work or at the park with my kiddos I juggle time between still trying to wine and dine my wife (hot gamer girls are few and far between, let’s face it, if I blow this, I’m hosed) keeping up a decent gaming addiction, and occasionally finding time to sleep. Yeah that about sums me up.

So how did you find

Well let’s go back a bit on that. I worked at a Gamestop when I was in college and that is when I hit my “collector” stride. You know, if I’m getting a game it has to be the collector’s edition. Got to try and snag limited edition swag that comes with with games, all that good stuff. Well that is really when I began to take a look at collector’s edition guides. I wasn’t much of a guide person in my younger days. I liked the challenge and felt like a guide was cheating. Of course this was also back when Nintendo had the hotline you could call if you were stuck. Which I never did, even at my most hair-pulling moments… mostly because my dad wouldn’t pay for me to call them….. Anyway, I had bought a few guides for games I was picking up and then I saw The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess collector’s guide. I didn’t even have the game but man that guide was so sweet looking I had to have it. And I still have it, unopened, sitting on my bookshelf looking amazing. So Prima was on my radar from then on. The level of quality they were putting out was unrivaled. I found the website after I picked up the Ni No Kuni collectors guide. Obviously I had to go get the code for my golden Hercule. While I was there I started to browse and it was paradise. A site of gamers, reviewing games, to help gamers. You guys have tips and hints for games you didn’t even do the guides to. I loved it. So I’ve been creeping you guys ever since.

What made you join the Prima community?

What really got me, in my opinion, to join the community was not long after I started visiting the site on a daily basis was the call for beta testers for a new look to the website that Prima was wanting to do. I figure I’m an average guy and if I can help Prima with the voice of the average Joe, then it would be pretty cool to help you guys come up with something even better. I asked to take part and was accepted. And from there it went from visiting Prima once a day to dropping in several times a day. With the beta, which a lot of people didn’t see, you were tasked to submit a guide, or answer a question from a member. So it really got me going deeper into the site trying to help other members and participating in all the site had to offer. Ultimately you guys didn’t go with the beta format (I think because it was slightly cluttered and not phone browser friendly). But even with the way that it all went, the new site is better than ever and I still have the habits from beta of really digging in and helping where I can.

“Tell your friends, Prima is where it’s at. Join us on Twitch, you will come for the prizes, but you will stay for the banter. It’s Legendary. Ultimately Prima’s success is determined by us, so get involved.”

What kinds of games do you play?

I play a little bit of everything. I have always been a big Street Fighter guy even though I don’t have the time to play like I used to and I’m sure I’m rusty as heck. I play shooters and have fun but I’m wretched at them. Anything with zombies will probably end up on my shelf. I’ve pulled platinum trophies on Resident Evil 5 and 6 and Dead Island 1, still working on 2 and its multiplayer trophies and I’ll have platinum on it. And RPGs will always get my money. I’ve always loved to read, and a good RPG is just like a great book that you determine the outcome in, so much love to that genre. 

What are you currently playing?

The Last of Us has had me hooked since day one. Great story, Great online play, and I’m one last playthrough on survivor+ from platinum on it. Coming into next gen I’m going to be playing KNACK with my daughters, and Battlefield 4 with Rumpo, hopefully, lol. I run wingman for my daughter right now while she plays Kingdom Hearts 1.5, so that keeps me pretty booked as far as games at the moment. 

What’s your greatest gaming achievement?

I would have to go old school on this. Back in the days when you could still find a decent arcade, I remember me and 3 people I didn’t know were on Dungeons and Dragons Tower of Doom. We tore that game up from start to finish. But at one point in the game you are given the choice of going to fight this giant dragon, and if you choose that path you are warned against it over and over before it finally lets you go that route. We did it and when we took that beast down we were celebrating like BFFs from way back. It was pretty sweet. Most people never went that way or gave up before they could best her. It was a great feeling to pull it off. Other than that, probably being a Raid Leader in WOW back in the days of 40-man raids. WoW today is so cookie cutter, they don’t realize how easy they have it. Getting 40 people together, the right class mix and running Onyxia or Molten Core. It was madness. But it was a great feeling to lead our guild to clearing those zones. You just don’t get that from 5 and 10 man raids, or even the 25s.

With all the new systems and games coming out, what are you looking forward to the most?

I’m excited to see where next gen takes us. The potential is unbelievable. It will be great to see what the big devs can crank out, but I’m more excited to see what the indie developers can turn out with what they are being given. There are already some great titles coming, like Outlast and Rogue Legacy. Not to mention the launch title Contrast. I think we are in for some great years in the upcoming gaming industry. 

Now that you’re one of our Twitch moderators, do you plan on ruling the chat with an iron fist? What should people look out for?

Twitch is such a great medium for gamers to connect and I love that Prima is jumping into this. I was surprised and excited when R3d_Star asked if I would be a mod. I’ve been a mod before on a few forums so I feel like I know the ropes a bit. Ruling with an iron fist? Naa, that just not my style. Everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to it as long as they can discuss it reasonably. I will drop the ban hammer on spammers and trolls though. Right now we have some great regulars (Aldogg33, Ambellina, and ArmyofTechno to name a few) and a good atmosphere going and I really hope we can keep it that way. 

What do you think Prima Games can do or should do for the community?

To me you guys are right where you need to be. You have tons of giveaways, you are getting relevant, helpful info out to the community. And you are having fun with it. When I go to Prima, it’s like I’m talking to a good friend about something we love. That’s how gaming sites should be. Everyone I’ve met from Prima, (Buffa, John, Charles, Nando, Rumpo, Strongside, The Professor, Andrea, and even you Julie) You just seem like down to earth people that had I run into you in college or high school we would have been great friends and probably gotten some F’s on homework from gaming all night. Just keep being yourselves because it’s working.

Have anything to say to the rest of the Prima Games community?

Tell your friends, Prima is where it’s at. Join us on Twitch, you will come for the prizes, but you will stay for the banter. It’s Legendary. Ultimately Prima’s success is determined by us, so get involved. Let’s show them that we appreciate all they are doing and keep the people around that are throwing sweet gaming loots at us on a regular basis.         

If you have a question for Scoot, ask him in the comments section below, and as always, be sure to follow Prima on Twitter and Facebook. Maybe you’ll be in the next Prima Community Member Spotlight.

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