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NES Remix 2- Most Wanted Games

by Prima Games Staff

Depending on whom you speak to, the games Nintendo included in NES Remix pale in comparison to the ones it neglected, and plenty of fans cried foul. How could they ignore [insert 8-bit game here]?

Simple. There will probably be an NES Remix 2, at least that’s what we hope. Granted, Nintendo could release more games for the original via downloadable content, but a sequel is more the big N’s style. On that note, here are the classic games we’d like to see. 

Did we forget your favorite NES titles? Let us know.

Super Mario Bros. 2

There are plenty of vegetable pulling and boss fighting opportunities that would make for excellent mini-games. 

Super Mario Bros. 3

Mario’s third adventure is one of the more enjoyable and feature packed. Nintendo would have so many options.

Kung Fu

One of the earliest and most entertaining beat-em-ups for the NES would provide the necessary punching power for NES Remix glory.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Some Nintendo fans feel that Link’s second NES title doesn’t receive the respect it deserves. What better way to do the game justice than give it the NES Remix treatment? 


Samus Aran’s iconic 8-bit journey is chock full of content, from blasting enemies to using the morph ball. Yes please.  


This is an absolute must. Nintendo could challenge players to form lines as quickly as possible, or get themselves out of a jam.

Dr. Mario 

With Dr. Luigi arriving on the eShop, we’d love more opportunities to bust those nasty viruses.


How fast can you knock out Glass Joe? Three gold stars are up for grabs!

Pro Wrestling 

Can you pin your opponent in 10 seconds? Better use Starman’s Flying Cross Chop!


One of our favorite and quite frankly overlooked NES games deserves another chance to shine. Time to grab that yo-yo and head back to C-Island.

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