My Favorite Switch Controller Comes In a Spooky New Color For Halloween

Get ready for a spooky new colorway for this excellent Switch controller.

A while back, NXYI provided me with a controller to review called the Wizard. While the controller itself was in the classic Gamecube style, I found that it brought enough to the table to become my new favorite controller on the market quickly. The Hall-Effect Joysticks help prevent drift, clicky shoulder buttons kept me in the action and always ready for more, and the classic Gamecube face button layout made me almost unstoppable in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

However, there was one major downside to the controller; it only came in three colors. While the Platinum, Black, and Purple options are all reminiscent of my childhood, I’ve always had a personal favorite that I just could never get my hands on here in the States: the coveted Orange Spice controller that was only released in Japan. Thankfully, however, NYXI understood the assignment and has brought this beautiful colorway to my favorite Nintendo Switch controller, and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s Spooky Season Year Round

I’m a big fan of Halloween, so the ability to showcase my love of the season year-round with a controller that matches the shade of a spooky Jack-O-Lantern is always welcomed here. However, if you’re anything like me and you collect various controllers for their aesthetics and colorations, this may be even more exciting for you than Halloween.

The Orange Spice Gamecube has always been one of the more hard-to-find variants, especially back in my youth. Pre-Owned Gamecube controllers still demand a fair chunk of change, so you’ll need to fork over your wallet if you’re hoping to get a pre-owned version of the Orange Spice controller, which I still haven’t done. So, the fact that NYXI is bringing this colorway back to life for something more modern and useable is a huge win in my book and something that looks almost identical to its apparent inspiration.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Looking at these controllers side by side, the Orange Spice may be a few shades lighter than the NYXI Wizard, but having some variety in your controller colors is always welcomed. I may have to start calling this Pumpkin Spice, as it adds a little life to my admittedly otherwise drab and dark controller selection. I already know I will have to fight my wife (in Smash or Mario Party) to keep using this one as my main Switch controller.

Pumpkin Spice > Orange Spice

If you missed my review on the NYXI Wizard, and want to know what sets this controller apart from the crowd, there are a few interesting bits including:

  • Hall-Effect Joysticks
  • Interchangeable Joystick Rings (Circular or Octagonal)
  • Turbo Buttons
  • Back Paddles
  • Adjustable Vibration
  • LED Backlit Buttons
  • Digital Trickers (they’re so clicky, I can’t get over it)
  • One key wake up, in wireless and Joy-Con mode

Having all of those features, plus the classic Gamecube controller style? Sign me right up. The Wizard has been my go-to controller for various games, but fighters like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have been its crowning achievement due to the excellent face buttons and triggers. I could gush about this controller for hours, but I’ll start to reel it back in, I promise.

Oh yeah, did I mention that they work great as Joycon replacements, as well? I haven’t touched my Pro Controller since I got my hands on the silver Wizard, but my OLED Switch looks absolutely stunning with these Orange controllers put on the sides. Like your standard Joy-Cons, you’ll have two buttons on the back that you can use to peel them off of the rail that they come with, breaking the controller essentially in half to be used as Joy-Cons. If you’ve started getting drift in your favorite controllers, it may be time to upgrade your game.

If you’re hoping to get your hands on a new Orange NYXI Wizard, check out their website and claim one of these for your collection… if you dare. The Pumpkin Color Nyxi Wizard releases October 18, 2023, and could be the perfect companion to your Nintendo Switch year-round.

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